Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why so quiet on Illiana?

I'm curious. The most recent incarnation of Crosstown has generated some some talk, there's a little discussion around about the improvements of 190 into O'hare but I haven't seen a lot of commentary coming from Illinois about the Illiana expressway. That wouldn't exactly cause me to raise an eye brow, if it weren't an absolute firestorm on the other side of the fence.

Maybe, it's because we folks from Illinois undoubtedly benefit from it, or maybe it's because we've got enough road stuff on our plate with 355 and the 53 North extension idea.

So, what's the take?


Anonymous,  9:25 PM  

Why little discussion?

1. It only goes a few miles into Illinois.

2. It is a regional cut-through route which won't carry much local traffic.

3. It's not too controversial on the IL side. Locals here would be glad to get rid of some of that cut-through traffic on US 30, IL 17 and IL 114.

4. Propose a connection from Illiana to the I-355 south extension, and you'll hear more cheerleading and squawking.

Harold Henderson 1:13 PM  

It's not on the radar. For those of us residents of the southeastern suburbs who share the "cut-through" with semis on a narrow two-lane road, it sounds like a good idea.

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