Monday, February 26, 2007

HPV Vaccine & Circumcision-Relative Publicity

As I was reading the Chicago Tribune while waiting for my swim conference- bound son to finish a two-hour practice, I read an article on page 14 entitled,

AIDS risk lower than thought for circumcised
Maybe it got better play in the New York Times, where the story by Donald G. McNeil Jr.originated, but page 14 in the Tribune struck me as not good enough.

Especially when put into juxtaposition with the coverage given Merck’s “Gardisil” HPV inoculations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which I have been calling the Centers for the Spread of Disease since about 1989, say that vaccinated will be protected against 70% of cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, still somehow director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, is quoted in the story thusly,
If we had an AIDS vaccine that was performing as well as this, it would be the talk of the town.
What’s the news you probably haven’t read?
Circumcision reduces a man’s risk (of becoming HIV-infected) by as much as 65%
Seems like the Bible has some good advice quite early on.

More at McHenry County Blog.


Dan L 1:16 AM  

Yes. Where's the news? The whole historical reasoning for circumcision was to prevent infection.

But a better question: does being circumcised increase your sons chance of having pre-marital/extra-marital/ sex?

Of course!

Anonymous,  9:37 AM  

In Biblical days, there wasn't an awareness of a connection between diseases and cleanliness. Circumcision was performed by the Jewish tribes to show that they do not mastubate. That is the "cleanliness" written about, and that is the reason circumcision was done then, and why it returned to the US during the 1890s.

It was believed that without a foreskin, men wouldn't be so easily aroused. During the Victorian Age, it was believed that mastubation caused a series of mental and physical illnesses, so circumcision was the cure. Other devices that prevented young men from fondling themselves was also introduced at that time. Even nocturnal emissions during puberty was considered a threat to health.

So, our entire circumcision culture here in the US, (found no where else, except in Islamic countries), was derived from these beliefs.

By the 1920, hospitals replaced homes as birthing places, and hospitals justified their costs by performing circumcisions and requiring 7 day hospital stays for new mothers. This was considered modern, so it was not until the 1980s that doctors took another look at the risks and benefits of circumcision.

Today, few men are circumcised, except in Islamic countries and in conservative regions of the US. Even in the US, we are seeing an approaching parity between boys who are and are not circumcised. Most doctors do not circumcise their sons today.

cermak_rd 2:07 PM  

I'm not sure whether the Trib reports something or where it reports it is indicative of much of anything. The circumcision story has been all over the international press, Science and health podcasts etc. It's great news. The numbers were so stunning, they actually stopped a trial because of ethical concerns toward the uncircumcised control group.

I don't think the Bible has any real relevance to this though. It was simply a sign of obedience to the covenant and made it so that whole tribes of outsiders would be less likely to convert for convenience and so water down the Chosen people and their dedication to ha Shem.

Today, if I were to birth a son, I would opt for circumcision because of the HIV issue.

Milton 7:44 PM  

It has some real great ideas. The Ritual of Human Sacrifice as you recall in the Bible, it has Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son to God.

Don't wake the Christian Taliban, Cal.

dan l 8:13 AM  

Don't wake the Christian Taliban, Cal.

Statement of the week.

Eileen 6:27 PM  

Circumcision has historically been shown to prevent crevical cancer. It makes no difference whether you vaccinate the females till the cows come home, if a man is "saput"(I think tht is how it is spelled in Tagalog) or uncircumcised, he is DIRTY!!!!!

Cleaning the penile head by retracting the foreskin must be learned from birth and so many mothers do not learn to do it, therefore the male offspring simply does not clean himself. Circumcising at birth eliminates the need to learn to retract the foreskin AND protects the man and his female partner from this horrible disease that is stalking humans around the globe.

There is far less cervical cancer than breast cancer in the Hebrew populations of the world. So, since they make a religious practice of circumcision, maybe we all should.

By-the-way, 50 years ago my mother told me that cancer prevention was the true reason she had circumcised my brothers. That is also the reason I had my son circumcised, NOT because his father was circumcised.

I really think Merck has simply found a new way to sterilize our girls by using this vaccine as a guise (as a new form of population control). If the women are sterile, does it matter if the man has had a vasectomy? Won't sterilizing the women be the best of ALL methods? That way there will be less natural citizens in this country and we will beg people to come here as they do in some of the European countries.

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