Saturday, February 24, 2007

Daily Southtown: Hospital police disbanded

After years of vacillating about it, the Cook County Board decided to disband the Stroger Hospital police force after a quick debate.

As debate on the county budget wound down early Friday, Commissioner Roberto Maldonado (D-Chicago), a long-time critic of the agency, pushed through a budget amendment disbanding the force by September and replacing it with a contracted security firm.

The measure was approved on a 9-to-7 vote. Commissioner Pete Silvestri (R-Elmwood Park) abstained.
Cook County will contract it out instead. That'll be a contract to watch.

update: I don't follow the South Burbs that much (Kane County has its own idiot recordings) but you don't want to miss their story today 'Humbugging and scheming' ,
The chairman of Markham's Police and Fire Commission offers to help a female officer cheat a police test, discusses a plot to fire her, suggests her career is being held back because she won't sleep with the mayor, and boasts that corrupt "humbugging and scheming" is his "hobby" in taped conversations.
Material here worthy of a tragic-comedy in the right writers hands.

Also, Check Daley has to talk in police torture case which is way too late for Bill Dock Walls to do much with against the mayor in the election.


Anonymous,  3:27 PM  

Why would anyone want to not vote against disbanding these thugs?

Daley will not answer questions in a deposition or try to get it restricted. The Burge thing will haunt Daley for eternity.

Levois 6:56 PM  

Well Todd Stroger did a good thing in this. We shouldn't have out of control people out there like this.

Anonymous,  2:49 PM  

There should be a recall on Todd Stroger.

There were still Commissioners who voted to keep these awful police.

These "police" should of disbanded a LONG TIME AGO.

Milton 5:07 PM  

How long before this hospital is closed entirely?

More condos?

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