Sunday, February 11, 2007

The hog with the big nuts

First testicular virility and now we've got the hog with the big nuts.

From the Daily Southtown on Cook County Division 5 jail superintendent Sammie Young Jr's lawsuit contending ...he was demoted to sergeant (suffering a pay cut of about $10,000 a year) after writing citations against two Cook County sheriff's employees for alleged illegal campaigning and fundraising while in uniform last fall.

Beavers, when questioned by Daily Southtown reporter Jonathan Lipman, said Young came to him seeking a promotion.

Asked what he told Young at that meeting, Beavers laughed and said,

"I told him I'm the hog with the big nuts!"

Beavers said it's a saying he uses "all the time" and referred to it as "a private joke."
Some worry Obama oponents will slam Illinois the same way Clinton opponents slammed Arkansas. Well, we're giving them plenty to work with.

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Anonymous,  11:01 AM  

Obama was a good friend of Rezko and Rezko was an early donor. Obama had Axelrod, the Illinois Dick Morris, who was Daley's media guy--not a group of outsiders or Ted Hillsman.

Obama was in the Illinois Senate that raised taxes, increased pension debt and Emil Jones is no reformer or great Illinois visionary. He had a fairly typical liberal voting record.

Obama may not go negative himself, but neither does Daley directly, but he certainly relied on his surrogates and the media to attack Blair Hull falsely and without mercy and than Jack Ryan on his personal life (so Jack Ryan can't take his wife to some voyeur club but Barack can use heroin and crack). Obama got lucky that the super rich Blair Hull and very rich Jack Ryan had bad choice in women and had some (relatively minor in this day and age) marital problems. Was he drafted to run for Senate after he lost for Congress in 2000?

Obama has not spoken out on the Burge torture that Daley oversaw as State's Attorney and Mayor and many innocent people went to jail unjustly and many guilty people got tortured inhumanely.

Obama talks about corruption in Kenya but does not talk about corruption in Chicago or Illinois.

Obama talks about torture in Africa but neglects Area 2 in Chicago.

Obama takes the support of mob related politicians, questionable bankers, Tony Rezko
--he supports Todd Stroger--and unquestionably supports Mayor Daley and than has his surrogates
try to hypocritically demand support along racial lines

The Mayor Daleys, lobbyist Bill Daley, Tony Rezko, Todd Stroger, Emil Jones, Police torture, fixed elections, questionable lobbyists, convicted alderman, crooked contracts, Blagojevich at the announcement, a failed school system, pension debt, pockets of massive poverty in the areas that he used to represent ARE NOT HOPEFUL AND ARE POLITICS AS USUAL IN ILLINOIS.

Illinois is becoming a third world cesspool and a joke.

Anonymous,  11:53 AM  

insider said:
but Barack can use heroin and crack

Huh? Obama admits to using marijuana and cocaine, not heroin. (Our current President will not comment on allegations that he used cocaine in the early 1970s.)

I haven't seen or heard anything that suggests that Obama used crack cocaine. Why are your suggesting that he smoked crack? Is it because Obama is black, so we have to assume that the only form of cocaine he would have used as a youth is crack?

As for the rest of your post: yes, we have a lot of reform to do here in Illinois. But show me one instance of Obama's corruption -- and being an Illinois Democrat doesn't count. There's no evidence of wrongdoing in his relationship with Rezko. Obama clearly told Giannoulias that he had to explain some of the loans Broadway Bank made to questionable characters. And as for supporting Daley: please! Daley is one of the nation's most popular mayors.

Moreover, Obama most definitely is not a part of the Daley inner circle. Trying to pin all of Chicago's problems on Obama is just plain silly. But let's be clear, if it's fair to pin all of Daley's problems on Obama, it's equally fair to give Obama credit for all the great things that have happened in Chicago under Daley.

Obama is running on his ideas and his record, and it's fair to criticize those ideas or his record (or lack thereof). It's not fair to taint the man with falsehoods (i.e., he used heroin; he went to a madrassa); or to use built by association, especially when the association is trivial.

Bill 3:09 PM  


Typical repub crap.If you can't beat us on the issues lie, slander and defame. Big bad Barack picked on Blair and Mr. 7 of 9!
That is about all of my time Ill waste commenting on your post.
The only thing that your should be inside of is a managed care facility.

steve schnorf 4:32 PM  

Obama was forthcoming and forthright regarding his youthful drug use. Jack Ryan, who I personally liked, was neither. In fact, he was deceitful.

Those different approaches tell us something about the two individuals. mouths. We don't expect our politicians to be perfect, and we learn a lot about them by how they deal with their imperfections. I think you are really off base in your comments on Obama.

Bill Baar 4:38 PM  

beat you on the issues...

Obama votes to confirm Petreaus for Iraq Command but introduces a vote of no confidence in Petreasus's misson.

That's Democrats beating themselves with an issue.

The only defense is to tell others they belong in managed care facillities.

Keep it up, and it's why Democrats will lose.

Bill Baar 4:39 PM  

I think Obama would prefer to talk about drug use... his middle name... his school...anything but war that would bind him to a decision of consequnce.

Bill Baar 4:41 PM  

War or Todd Stroger I should add.

pathickey 6:36 PM  

Bill, Original Bill!

Good tag, son! Obama is the real deal. Squeaks from mice about non issues won't do a thing.

Bill Baar 7:05 PM  

You talkin' about me Pat?

Anyways, I'm predicting both Obama and Clinton soon couple talk of redeployment with a variation on muscular isolationism.

Democrats might win with it and it will be hell for the Arab world if they do.

They will be obliterated without mercy, Shia, Sunni, Liberal and fundamentalist alike come another 911 because the massive strike the only option muscular isolationism left us.

You get a little window on the thinking when a Unitarian-Universalist forme Clinton SecDef called for a strike on North Korea.

North Korea another issue Obama getting a pass on. He's gonna start talking.

Anonymous,  12:07 PM  

All those Clinton opponents that slammed Arkansas will rue the day if darkhorse Mike Huckabee becomes the nominee.

Anonymous,  5:49 PM  
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