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I generally don't have much love for muckrakers in my fair city. There's at least one I can get into, simply because Official Dan L Girlfriend (TM) lives in the horrible horrible ward, but for the most part letter-writers and committee-formers annoy me usually because they're yapping about nonsence.

Usually, I hear something like this:


But for the shock value, Peter Zelchenko may have a point

I think we should send Patrick McDonough over to the 43rd to investigate this. In addition to being a water department hero, certified plumber, ace corruption investigator, and having an engineering background - his expertise in these matters are legendary.

Sometimes I really, really can't help myself.


Pat Hickey 1:50 PM  

Que revolto!

Anonymous,  2:29 PM  

I like Peter Zelchenko, he is very intelligent and he has some good ideas--but he can't win. I hate to be a cynical or a machine insider who doesn't give the independents or outsiders a chance, but he can't win. But again, he is a brilliant guy with good ideas and has done some good things.

I don't understand the hatred for Patrick McDonough by Dan L. I don't know Pat McDonough, am not related, and think his website is mediocre ( BUT if he blew the whistle on Hired Trucks and tried to do some other good things that did or would of saved the taxpayers some money--isn't that good? I agree with Dan L that plowing a police officers funeral route is a good thing even if technically against the rules. However, exposing Hired Trucks or other bad things that waste money and create hazards is good.

The City needs people like Zelchenko and McDonough as a balance and check on the powers that be. They are not a threat to the public good and at least Zelchenko is in the private sector not eating tax dollars. You may not like them and may not agree with them at least not all the time but to hate them is bizarre.

Pat Hickey 2:49 PM  

To Anonymous,

The City has always had McDonough's and other like-mided moles who burrow their way up from a job that has somehow caved-in on them.

They are people who use the political process and the people who, in good faith, sponsor them and find that the 'good job' that they begged for is somehow beneath their powers and abilities to perform.

They eveolve into 'whistle-blowers' and do local lazy political reporters' jobs for them by offering a fraction of the truth as tablets from Mount Ararat.

Any umber of our local yokel 'hard-hitting' reporters absorb the flimsy skinny from McDonoughs and other camenbert nibblers.

A guy begs you to help him get work.

You put your name and reputation out there for the guy.

He screws the pooch on the job and gets in Dutch with the boys -

Next he's calling Andy Shaw about guys eating Keeblers on the City Dime! Special One Hour Special Right After a Very Special Oprah/Walters Smackdown.

That is the pedigree of a Voice of Reform - it was in all the papers.

Anonymous,  7:13 PM  

First the tablets are from Mount Sinai. The Ark of Noah is supposedly on Mount Ararat.
There are theological, spiritual, and historical analogies and metaphors but they are different.
An intellectual and teacher (nonetheless at a Catholic institution named after the author of Rerum Novarum) should get his analogies accurate.


1. Where do we have any indication that Patrick McDonough got his job by begging "you" to help him get work?
Do you know how Patrick McDonough got his job?--I don't
He claims to be a third generation plumber and city worker so he may have inherited the job and didn't have to do any begging.

2. Patrick McDonough was not caught screwing the pooch (your words), or in with the Dutch boys (or the Columbians like certain HDO members or in with the Sicilians like certain City workers)--Patrick McDonough was the source (with clean hands untouched by Hired Trucks)on Hired Trucks and helped the FBI and Sun Times (according to media sources and his own websites and his TV appearances)
He was accused of living outside the city--and apparently he got his job back. So what did Patrick McDonough do wrong again? I think he did something good by exposing Hired Trucks.

3. Would you rather have people giving contracts for bribes to Outfit trucking companies and wasting city tax dollars to keep there mouth shut or be loyal to their political sponsor?
If Patrick McDonough wasn't involved in Hired Trucks he is not a rat. If he did help expose Hired Trucks he did the taxpayers a favor and the law.

Hickey, you throw around accusations and conclusions--oh yes, very funny and clever and with good metaphors, analogies and words--but you lack facts and logic.

If you want to criticize the guy, Patrick McDonough or anyone else, that is fine, but try to use evidence, facts, logic and at least some truth.

Pat Hickey 7:31 PM  

Good call on Mt. Sinai! Read the newspapers - that's all I ever read about Mr. McDonough and the both the Tribune and the Sun Times laid out his career pretty nicely.

We were being asked by the previous poster to admire 'people like Mr. McDomough' - that is not going to happen.

If a deal looks crooked going into the deal, a stand-up guy walks away - wants nothing to do with it.
Having a big old slice of cake, throwing it down the gullet and then suing the baker for a tummy ache are the actions of a jerk - whatever Mountain he climbs out of.

dan l 7:40 PM  

Oh jesus. It was 1 line shy of being a goofy 1 liner. Give it a rest. Every time I zing paddy all of a sudden Anonymous Poster shows up to defend him as though I just kicked his cat.

Patrick McDonough 8:10 PM  

Thank God Patrick McDonough can speak for himself. Thank god for me because the major disaster of the freeze was handled by the Chicago Department of Water Management in record time. Unheard of before due to the corruption. Chicago Department of Water Management employees went into work and were given a fair and equal chance for overtime. The Department has never performed as well, ever. Workers paid to do the job, were performing the job. Dan just does not understand the progress made for the taxpayers, not for my benefit. But, Dan having a girlfriend, now that is a stretch. I thought he was still at home and goes to the 11th ward "massage parlors" and getting a "Mayor Daley" for the extra fifty dollars. Look Dan, we all know you harping about my free thought will finally get you some well needed attention. Now, go back to your web site and keep thinking of some new material. P.S. I got some real goodies on the way!!!

Anonymous,  8:14 PM  

Again, when did Patrick McDonough have a slice of cake? The Sun Times and Tribune (on any google search) or his own (albeit mediocre) website talk about his finding out about and reporting about trucking companies not doing work and allegations of bribes for contracts--not that he was part of it.

You don't have to admire Patrick McDonough, or Serpico or anyone else. I don't know the guy or what he did well enough to really know if it is admirable. But the single act of whistle blowing on Hired Trucks, which he was not part of, and saving taxpayers money is good. McDonough didn't ever benefit from Hired Trucks that is any Sun Times or Tribune article that exists on the internet or that I read about. Please direct and inform. McDonough also has some TV shows (albeit a bit goofy for my taste) where he explains what he did.

So again, not theoretically, not conclusions or claims, SOME FACTS, tell us what is wrong with PATRICK MCDONOUGH. Not what is wrong with a rat, or a phony reformer who used to be a machine hack but tell us what Patrick McDonough specifically did bad. I have not seen that yet.

Dan, you are obsessed with Patrick McDonough--why I am not sure. McDonough, even if you are right about him, is hardly the greatest threat to wasting tax dollars or the Republic. You are mean spirited in your attacks and the only specific one I can agree with is the one about the funeral and the snow plows although I am not sure of all the details. Hickey is talking theoretically about a rat or a phony reformer who used to be a machine hack.
Dan does not make much sense at all.

1. How did Pat McDonough get his job?
2. Did he reveal to his superiors, or the FBI or the media about Hired Trucks?
3. Why is that bad?

Pat Hickey, under your morality, would the 8 Department of Water Management employees and HDO members under 19th ward operative Brian Murphy who were part of a Heron dealing ring connected to the Columbian cartel--should those who saw that kept their mouth shut--or just walked away--or if they ate some cake not told the DEA or the FBI.
The white powder to make the cake ends up in neighborhoods and affects the kids you are trying to teach at Leo.

I will try to obey the tablets at Mt. Sinai and metaphorically try to ascend Mt. Ararat.
Pat and Dan are descending into depths that I cannot tread.

Gotta go watch the Oscars, I hope the DEPARTED wins--it reminds me of the 19th ward.

Pat Hickey 6:42 AM  

Dan, Must be a lawyer with a cable show, to be this on it. A PC Lawyer with a cabel show? . . . now that's got Oscar written all over it.

As Jack said in The Departed, ' Enjoy the clams . . .'

Anonymous,  7:46 AM  

I hope Jack Nicholson plays Jeremiah "Jerry" Joyce in the Martin Scorcese movie about the Irish Mafia in Chicago. It will be a sure Oscar winner.

Read the book BLACK MASS. Some analogies today about cooperation with the FBI and protection. Maybe well known powerful people.

Anonymous,  7:59 AM  


Madainn mhath
Buenas Dias

Bheil thu ag iarraidh cupa cofaidh?
Bheil thu ag iarraidh cupa teatha?
No cake with that coffee, this morning is only tea

Ciamar a tha sibh? What about Ginger, hope she is doing well too

'S fheàrr dhuibh bruidhinn ri.... Jerry Joyce.

Chan eil moran Gàidhlig agam. But I can speak more Spanish.

Adios, Vaya Con Dios.

Dominus Vobiscum on your trek up Mount Ararat and your trek to obey the Sinai Tablets.

Pat Hickey 8:13 AM  

Maith thú! Good clear and sound.

Here's my take on things -Is fear rith maith ná drochsheasamh ( A good run is better than a bad stand!)

Saol fada chugat!


Serpico,  8:51 AM  

Pat Hickey: Under your morality would drug dealers in the Water Department be under the "omerta" conditions of not ratting? or those who might of known who weren't drug dealing?
In your keebler elves/cake eating morality and philosophy would whistle blowing ever be justifyied?

Pat Hickey 8:54 AM  

To the Skeeter sound-alike above or any other 40 watt thinker worried about

" SOME FACTS, tell us what is wrong with PATRICK MCDONOUGH. Not what is wrong with a rat, or a phony reformer who used to be a machine hack but tell us what Patrick McDonough specifically did bad. I have not seen that yet."

This link was sent by a plumber.

It's a howl.

Anonymous,  9:04 AM  

Not Skeeter here and got mroe than 40 watts I hope...but....
one way or another:
doesn't have any aprobation--in your world maybe a nihil obstat or imprimatur
Who does this site?
Saw the photos...not sure what they are, a back of a guy in a cage office?

The site talks about people sleeping with other peoples wives, swearing, insults about people's sexuality.
Bizarre rumor and innuendo. Not exactly the most lace curtain site out there.

If this is where you are getting your information Pat--you should get some new sources. People expect better from you being a Catholic school teacher and all. Come on, you are smarter than that.

That link was sent by Dan who is a member of their discussion board with 5 members. Mostly talking about sleeping with Frank Coconate's wife. Some other stuff about saying some other city worker is a heroin addict. Some swearing about Pat McDonough and Frank Coconate some "F" words and some use of the word "rat". Not much else.
Not much evidence. Lots of hate but not much logic.

You are howling at the moon. Don't become a rabid dog, I thought you were a Christian gentleman.

Pat Hickey 9:16 AM  

Hey Not Skeeter but Just As Phoney,

I gave you a link to a picture of a guy at work. Nothing else. Whatever your agenda is God Bless.

You clowns spend way too much time worrying about nonsense. Glorify a goof. This is America.

Fredo,  9:20 AM  

Hey we have been glorifying a goof since 1980 when we elected him State's Attorney.
It won't be the first good we glorify or the last.

Thank God it's America. (Can I say God on this Blog or will your ACLU buddies get mad)

Pat Hickey 9:37 AM  


Hey, they're always mad. Never did a thing for me and mine - they ain't my buddies. They help Nazis march in Skokie and keep Faith in Court. They were Commies from the get go and not much has changed. If any common ground can be plowed up, they are the lads doing the plowing.

Anonymous,  9:42 AM  

I agree with Hickey on this one.

dan l 10:21 AM  

I'm instituting a new part of Godwins law. Mentioning the ACLU in an off topic way is a violation of it.

Anonymous,  12:32 PM  

What is Godwins law?

What does the ACLU or witchcraft invocation between posters have to do with poop in the 43rd ward?

Anonymous,  7:31 PM  

Peter Zelscenco has no credibility. He was with Manny Flores in the 1st ward. Carpettbagged into the 43rd ward after Manny forced him out of his organization. His book was criticized and even Manny Flores didn't want it around.

Anonymous,  12:57 PM  

Peter Zelchenko was thrown out of Manny Flores office for being crazy.

Peter Zelchenko 12:18 AM  

I don't recall those things happening. Manny did not force me out of his organization as far as I can remember. I did not want to be involved in an organization that was going to be political or jobs-oriented. I wanted a citizen's organization that was citizen-driven and that provided a counterbalance to the sitting alderman. There is a Reader article from 2003 on the conflict.

As to why I went to the 43rd Ward, I grew up here and am here for the time being for personal and family reasons.

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