Friday, February 23, 2007

Strogers Budget Victory and Cook County's GOP triangulators par excellence

Stories today in the Trib, and Sun Times. Trib writes,

But late Thursday, when it become obvious that Stroger had the votes he needed, the Claypool camp called their proposal for a vote doomed to defeat. That gave each commissioner the chance to explain their position on the budget in front of a standing-room-only crowd that included sheriff's deputies, nurses and other county workers.

Claypool and commissioners Roberto Maldonado (D-Chicago), Tony Peraica (R-Riverside) and Timothy Schneider (R-Bartlett) voted against Stroger's budget.
And the Sun Times tells us those who lended Stroger a hand here,
Though a formal vote by the County Board had not been cast by 12:30 a.m., it appeared Stroger had locked up 10 of the 17 votes necessary, including winning the support of Republicans Peter Silvestri, Gregg Goslin and Liz Gorman, along with surprise support from Mike Quigley.
Makes you wonder about the GOP in Cook County that they can't unite around fellow Republican Peraica allied with a Progressive Dem like Claypool. Silvestri, Goslin, and Gorman all candidates for the Carl Davidson triangulator par excellence award.

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fedup dem,  7:36 AM  

The final vote... 13 traitors to the causes of justice, fair play, anti-cronyism, anti-nepotism and giving a damn about the people that they are supposed to serve... and only four knights for the cause of justice.

This was a terrorist act (and I call it that because the havoc these scum have brought upon the people of Cook County will be as devastating as anything Osama bin Laden and his slime could have come up with). Payback for this act of terrorism against the people of Cook County and the county workers who have devoted their working lives on behalf of public service (rather than merely feeding off the public trough) must begin at once, with Tuesday's elections.

Candidates near and dear to the hearts of the dirty baker's dozen on the Cook County Board MUST be defeated in Tuesday's Aldermanic elections. That means voters must vote to oust Comm. Beavers' daughter in the 7th Ward, Ald. Harris in the 8th Ward, Ald. Balcer in the 11th Ward, Ald. Austin in the 34th Ward, Ald. Doherty in the 41st Ward (as he is an ally of Comm. Silvestri) and Ald. Moore in the 49th Ward (an ally of Comm. Sufferdin). In addition, voters must also reject the candidacies of Larry Doody (Comm. Gorman's brother) in the 2nd Ward race, as well as that of Greg Brewer (another political ally of Comm. Sufferdin) in the 50th Ward.

And it goes without saying that voters should rise up against Mayor Daley on Tuesday, as Toddler Stroger would have NEVER had been able to speak out on destroying county services had he not received the approval of his lords and masters, the Daleys.

As for the April elections, I suspect there are plenty of contested races (village, school board, park district, library district, etc.) in the townships that Commissioners Silvestri (Leyden Township), Goslin (Northfield Township) and GOP Chairman Gorman (Orland Township). Just call those respective Republican organizations and find out who they support, and vote the other way on April 17.

Political retaliation against these disgusting examples of numanity must continue election after election (and at every other available opportunity) until every one of these 13 Commissioners and Toddler Stroger have been utterly destroyed politically.

The damage they caused to this county in the dead of night may well take two decades to repair. Those responsible must be punished!

Levois 8:15 AM  

Well perhaps this is one reason why the Cook County GOP barely exists.

NW burbs,  10:00 AM  

Who is Gregg Goslin? ;)

(The guy never seems to be around, certainly not in his district office.)

Anonymous,  10:33 AM  

Stroger passed a budget without raising taxes. He inherited a $500 millin dollar mess. So he hired a few relatives. Big deal. Do some research and I bet every elected official has them on the payroll. For how many years has Devine and the Sheriff's Dep't had bloated patronage budgets. It's about time they cut. Claypool is a joke. All he did was hire cronies when he ran the park district. He is a wannabe.

Rich Miller 5:56 PM  

fedup dem, how do you ever hope to win people to your cause by using language like "traitor" and "terrorist act"? Do you know how ridiculous and scary this makes you look?

Anonymous,  10:51 AM  
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Anonymous,  2:07 PM  
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Anonymous,  5:54 PM  

What does it say about the suburban GOP that they cut cops and prosecutors to pay for the patronage of Chicago's vaunted Democratic Machine? Last election, Goslin almost lost, and Silvestri is always looking over his shoulder. Cozying up to Todd and the Dem Machine is supposed to help these guys? And an alliance between Todd Stroger and the new head of the Cook County Party, Liz Gorman? What is the world coming to?

Watcher In The Center,  11:18 AM  

The deal makes sense, even though I don't like it....

First off, not enough time to do it right this year. No matter what they did, they were going to be addressing what looks to be a long term problem with a meat axe. Which is exactly what happened.

Secondly, this doesn't look to be a problem that is "solved", as $350+ mil of this year's "budget hole" was addressed THIS YEAR ONLY by debt refinancing (1 year effective only).

So, it's a very real possibility that next year we're going to be back to playing the same type of situation, only with fewer financial bandaids at the Toddler's disposal.

Personally, I'd rather take this year's budget and force the Toddler to use up all those little tricks, so next year he's got to face the budget crisis head on, with minimal financial angles to play.

I figure this is one reason you will see Cook County pusing for that corporate gross receipts tax (GRT), because if the state implements such a tax, the Toddler wil be first in line wanting to get a piece of it.

Things to watch for:
1) Cook County's chief financial guys are going to have to be doing the same type of cash flow management that Dan Hynes and JBT did for the State of IL. Watch for unpaid bills to pile up.
2) What banks are going to make short term cash arrangments with Cook County to cover cash shortfalls, because you know that's going to happen.

Bill Baar 1:48 PM  

I can't see any good reason for the Cook County GOP to do anything for Todd Stroger.

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