Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rod Blagojevich's Enablers

By Cal Skinner

No, this is not about Roland Burris, but it could be, as Tom Roeser points out.Former Lee Newspapers' Springfield Bureau Chief and Jim Edgar's Press Secretary and policy adviser Mike Lawrence has written a column for the Chicago Tribune.

Lawrence points out how Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was propped up by


The embattled governor
“was reinforced by well meaning individuals and groups seeking his support seeking his support for worthy causes or fearing retribution if they challenged him.”
Lawrence specifically mentions supporters of
“early childhood education and expanded health-care coverage.”
“presidents of our largest universities” who “acquiesced to budget cuts and the governor's ridicule of higher education.”
“Children's champions, education leaders, major health-care providers and grant recipients hailed him” and “flanked him” in press conferences.

Lawrence always did have a way with words and an intolerance for corruption.

For my part of this article, I'll show you some of the enablers who appeared in my mailbox to promote Blagojevich's re-election.

Three direct mail campaign pieces from the Blagojevich campaign were sent to
my mailbox.

And I've voted in every Republican primary election since I was old enough to register in 1964.

He had that much money to spend in 2006.

That's what pay-to-play money will buy an incumbent Illinois governor.

All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

For all four panels of the third mailing seen above, which was the first one I received, click here.

The article on the second mailing is here.

The article on the third mailing that Blagojevich sent to Republicans is here.

Published first at McHenry County Blog.


Bill Baar 5:23 AM  

We're supposed to think the Guv was totally alone... by some fluke he single handedly brought Illinois to this... he had plenty of help.

Bill Baar 5:41 AM  

Dan Curry has a list of Editorials from 2006 for all the Blagojevich Democrats who cliam they didn't know what was going on to read.

They must not have read Editorials.

Bill Baar 5:47 AM  

The Illinois Sierra Club's crawled into some cave too.

I'll send them a note when my wife pays her dues again...asking if they're coming out of hibernation.

DuPage Saint,  5:22 PM  

Enablers, sycophants, true believers call them what you will it all comes down to "where's mine". It is not just pay to play it is to get along go along. And believe me no matter what the papers and comentators say the people do not care they are just looking for their angle so they can feed at the trough, draw several state pensions for a job not done.

Anonymous,  6:16 PM  

Also Republicans like Bill Cellini, Bob Kjellander, and Tom Cross enabled Rod Blagojevich.

All the Republicans who backstabbed Jim Ryan in 2002.

Also, the ILGOP for being so corrupt and defunct and not putting up better oppossition including to this day.
Judy Bar Topinka was a bad candidate.

Rod Blagojevich is a sick man.
But Illinois voters are just as sick for putting him in office.
Republicans are to blame too.

Many Dems like MJM, Jack Franks, John Fritchey (among others) early on in said GRod was a bad egg and should go.

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