Friday, January 09, 2009

Illinois needs Blagojevich's trial

Don't resign Governor. Illinois and America need to hear your story. Your side of what's happened.

You didn't Govern alone. What you ever you've done, you've had plenty of friends and partners along the way.

We still have no idea what the plumbers were looking for when they burglarized the Watergate. Nixon's resignation and pardon assured America would never hear that story.

Illinois shouldn't repeat that mistake in the name of healing and rebuilding.

Let the trial begin and let the Senate take it's time with it so the full story is told.


grand old partisan 12:13 PM  

Considering that the Senate Dems were the closest "friends and partners" that the Gov had, something tells me that a trial with them as the jury isn't going to reveal much beyond what we already know.

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