Monday, January 26, 2009

ABC gives Senate Dems too much credit in Burris-seating fiasco

From an online report regarding the Guv’s GMA appearance:

In a remarkable demonstration of his political shrewdness, Blagojevich forced the U.S. Senate to accept his appointment of Roland Burris to that seat after the Senate's leaders said they would never accept anyone named by the tainted governor.

Really?? The Senate was forced to seat Burris after being out-witted by our sly-fox Governor? Forced??

No one forced them to do anything – they sought, found and used a loop-hole that allowed them to do it. Big – BIG – difference there, ABC.

So, allow me to revise this, for accuracy's sake:

“In a remarkable demonstration of feckless capitulation, the Democratic leadership of the U.S. Senate found a way to seat Blagojevich’s pick for the Senate after the Democratic leadership of the Illinois General Assembly allowed him to keep the power to make such an appointment while they followed through on their near-unanimous belief that he should be removed from office post-haste.”

Okay – I probably shouldn’t expect them to go that far…but, still.


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