Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bill Foster finds illegals at the Ice Cream store

Dan Campana writes: Oberweis wants ad settlement; Dems want lawsuit tossed

He struck out twice in 2008, but Jim Oberweis hopes to pick up a different kind of win against the Democrats this year.

A federal judge is expected to rule next month on whether to throw out Oberweis Dairy's lawsuit against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee over ads it paid for during Oberweis' run for Congress in the 14th District.

The ads -- spread across TV, radio and mailers -- claimed illegal immigrants were found working at Oberweis Dairy stores, something the Republican and his company deny.
Since Foster's on an Illegal Hunt, he'll be able to ask SecTreas nominee Geithner about his illegals too.
Geithner also didn't realize a housekeeper he paid in 2004 and 2005 did not have current employment documentation as an immigrant for the final three months she worked for him, the transition official said.


Cal Skinner 10:01 AM  

Pointing out inconsistencies.

How naughty.

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