Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bill Foster, salaries, and food banks plus Sunday Shorts

Kane County Chronicle: Foster to donate raise to food bank

Bill Foster (D-Emanuel Illinois 14th) donating his cost-of-living increase to Northern Illinois Food Bank and co-sponsoring legislation to prevent the cost-of-living adjustment from going into effect for members of Congress in 2010.

A very very close friend just laid off from a major Bank, so I'd rather Foster keep the COLA and work overtime (no need to fly home on weekends: stay in your DC office) figuring out what Banks are doing with our TARP funds and just skip the symbolic stuff.

More... A lot of people are worried about their jobs even if they’re employed. Small business owners are terrified because banks have told them their credit will be taken away. Normally, all I could do was sympathize. Now as a member of Congress and the [financial] committee, I can do something.

Ok, go do something real in the Finance Committee about Banks, not the food banks you manipulate for an image like some other fellow Democrats fond of Human Shields.

More posts throughout the day:

"A lot of people were pissed" with how the Burris situation was handled, said a Democratic source involved in the discussions.
Sources speaking without attribution to Politico.

Failing to speak for the record the real mistake. Congress has failed America more than any other institution the past years. Not speaking forthrightly for the record so often the warning sign Congress is broken. Politico shouldn't let them get away with it. Your pissed Senator? What'cha (retaining the informality of being pissed here) you going to do about it? Tell voters with attribution. Heck, we're all pissed, and it's with you who ever you are!


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