Monday, January 19, 2009

Elgin Politics: What would Obama do?

John M. Hamilton swipes Kane County Board Chair Karen McConnaughay (HT Daily Herald) with the Blagojevich brush (isn't the Guv a Democrat too? and a Progressive one at that!) for closed and secreative government, and gets this response,

This past summer the new Elgin Democrat headquarters had a meet and greet the candidates at their place on Grove Ave.

Kathy Hamilton, who is an appointed Democratic precinct committeewoman in my precinct asked me if I was a Democrat. I politely said no and thought it only polite to state that because of Obama's position on abortion and because I think that if he gets elected the terrorists will be more inclined to test him (something weeks later his own running mate Biden echoed) I can't vote for him or be a Democrat.
With that she asked me to leave. I said the purpose of my visit is to ask people what issues concern them regarding Elgin as I was considering running for Elgin City Councilman so let's get beyond those statements and talk about Elgin issues.

She then said if I wont' leave then she will. She went into the back and sent another Democrat lady out who asked me to leave.

I left and went home and wrote an apology letter to her asking her to please forgive me as my intentions were not to upset her. I gave my email address so she could forgive me easily by email. I also told her I felt Obama would not have asked me to leave.

John, your wife needs to read your letter.

Yep, what would Obama do? Tell her why a pro-lifer who shared Biden's concerns could indeed still be a Democrat?


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