Friday, January 09, 2009

That 5th CD thing

HT Beachwood Reporter

Oak Park's venerable Les Golden in the ST,

Although Rahm Emanuel was named chief of staff for the president-elect two months ago, only on Jan. 2 did he resign his 5th Congressional District seat. Based on the Illinois Constitution, within five days an election to fill the vacancy was called. Because of the need to schedule the primary election at least one month before the general election of April 7, the period for gathering signatures is not the normal 57 days for congressional candidates but only 13 days.

That means that only members of the political class, with their patronage workers, will have the manpower to gain a place on the Democratic ballot in that heavily Democratic congressional district.

Leslie M. Golden, Oak Park
Also Chicago Journal profiles the manay candidates and has links to their webpages.


Anonymous,  9:32 AM  

The special election will be won by Rosanna Pulido, the founder and director of the Illinois Minuteman Project. Please read her site,

Phil Collins

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