Friday, January 09, 2009

The Two Lame Ducks Who Didn't Vote To Impeach

I found this article from TPM courtesy of Gaper's Block. We already heard about Milt Patterson's reasons, but why did Elga Jeffries vote present on the impeachment resolution?

I had the chance to speak briefly on the phone with Jefferies, who voted Present -- which is essentially the same as a No vote, because it counts towards defeating a motion.

"I voted Present because I did not completely agree on a Yes vote, and I didn't agree on a No vote," Jefferies said. "I felt that the reason all this had come about has been blown out of context."

Jefferies said that she felt that the investigation against Blagojevich had become personal, with the legislators digging in on hirings that went back years. "I think there's a lot of things that he could have done differently," said Jefferies. "I'm not saying he's been 100% right. And he'll have his day in court."

Jefferies concluded: "I voted my conscience."
I'm thinking that there is some confusion here. Patterson said that it was the job of the prosecution to indict the governor and it wasn't his job to impeach him.



Anonymous,  7:55 PM  

What district are those who voted present and no in? I know they aren't from Southern IL, had they been, they would loose my support and vote in the next election. Sounds like to me they may have something to hide themselves. If they we my district I sure would be watching them like a hawk. It is obvious that this Gov has done more than what he has been charged with. How about illegal expenditure of funds? or illegal firings or illegal appointments? The list goes on and on. Enough is enough. The law says you in Congress and the Senate are the jury. Get the business done so the state of IL can continue functioning!

Jackpot 9:08 PM  
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