Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blagojevich in Chamber After State Senate Sworn In

by Cal Skinner

This is what you saw on TV:

Not much eye contact here.

But later, this is what happened.

Below you see Governor Rod Blagojevich practicing hypnotizing the members of the Illinois State Senate:

For a closer view of the tee shirt, click here.

= = = = =
Thanks to Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter for his manipulation of images.


Bill Baar 11:10 AM  

Do the Senators feel tainted taking their oath from the Guv?

Rich Miller 1:35 PM  

They didn't take the oath from the governor. They took the oath from an appellate court justice.

Cal Skinner 9:12 PM  

Opps, Rich. Guess I should not have gone to that luncheon meeting of Kiwanis. Correction being made.

D,  11:26 AM  

They do not feel tainted taking envelopes of cash right on the Senate floor, so I really doubt that they feel tainted getting sworn in by a Gov. that is impeached if it will get them on the floor and where the action is at quicker.

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