Saturday, October 11, 2008

Carol Marin on Con Con

Marin congratulates Balgojevich, Madigan and Jones...

You've managed to drive the left into the arms of the right, gotten the right to side with the left.

All it took was Con-Con.

When voters in Illinois go to the polls on Nov. 4, even before they cast a momentous presidential vote for Barack Obama or John McCain, at the very top of their ballots they will be asked to vote "yes" or "no" on Con-Con. That is, they will be asked to decide whether this state should hold a convention to re-write the Illinois Constitution.

The reason that we should salute Rod Blagojevich, Mike Madigan and Emil Jones, our fearless Democratic leaders, is that their toxic, ego-driven, Bermuda triangle of a relationship has so poisoned Springfield, so paralyzed the General Assembly, that the citizens of this state who've been forced to watch their antics like endless episodes of "Days of Our Lives" are desperate to fight back.
Marin recommends a no vote on Con Con and instead blames voters for sending the current crowd to Springfield. We've bungled the elections and she fears we'll bungle a Con Con letting crazies in to decide things like abortion, guns, and embryonic stem cells. Not much hope to offer desperate Illinoisians.


Anonymous,  6:19 PM  

It is obvious that Marin fits in right along with her fellow Lincoln Park lady of naivete, Dawn Clark Netsch. Both women are deluding themselves in believing that even by voting "NO" on Con-Con, the people of Illinois can fix what is broken in Illinois government by other means.

That's not going to happen ladies! That's why we need a "YES" vote for Con-Con.

Secretary/Treasurer, Illinois Committee for Honest Government

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