Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - March 26, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY VERY VERY SAD: Dillard's TV ad praising Obama is "airing in Pennsylvania." Hopefully, Dillard will soon air a TV ad in Pennsylvania blasting Obama for staying with the hate-filled Wright for so many years. (Includes very sad video clip)

-- Clinton: Wright 'would not have been my pastor' - Andy Shaw (Includes video clip)
-- Chelsea Clinton startled by Monica query "I do not think that is any of your business" - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Illinois lawmakers looking for ways to increase taxes to pay for transit projects (Includes Andy Shaw video clip)

-- Chelsea Stunned By Monica Lewinsky Question "I do not think that is any of your business" - AP
-- Citing Security, Obama's Pastor Cancels Appearance However, Tampa Police Say Plenty Of Officers Were Ready To Handle Event (Includes video clip)

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION WITH COLOR PHOTO OF ROD MCCULLOCH: DIERSEN HEADLINE: McCulloch nomination petition fraud trial finally starts, Daily Herald calls it an "insider fraud trial," and McCulloch blames four homeless men he hired. DAILY HERALD REPORTER FULLER: "McCulloch perhaps is best known for running Republican John Borling's primary campaign for the U.S. Senate seat ultimately won by Democrat Barack Obama. Borling fired McCulloch after McCulloch tried to circulate salacious details about the divorce of Borling's Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, from actress Jeri Ryan."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Daily Herald is overjoyed that Hastert and Poshard are taking the lead to find ways to increase taxes to pay for transit projects
-- VERY SAD: Transit backers seeking money - Joseph Ryan
-- FRONT PAGE IN DUPAGE EDITION: DuPage County Sheriff Zaruba wants $1.8 million to cover overtime, deputy pay hikes - Jake Griffin (DIERSEN QUESTION: How much less would Zaruba have to ask for if so many were not so successful in attracting so many people to DuPage County who have severe health, financial, and other problems?)
-- OUTSTANDING: Lawyers don't foresee suits against NIU - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: "Latinos United" a) does not want occupancy codes enforced when the occupants are Latino and b) blames "exploitative landlords," not Latinos, for Latino overcrowding. What if the exploitative landlord is a Latino?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Naperville "food and beverage" consumers pay $2.6 million in taxes so that Naperville can give away $2.6 million for "cultural events and projects"
-- A heaping of Foster praise -- for what? - John Skaritka, Elgin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: THIS LETTER READS LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN BY A DEMOCRAT: "Life-long Republican" Richard "Dick" Rehwaldt of Algonquin agrees with the Democrat Daily Herald, blasts Republicans, provides "guidance" to Republicans, and hopes his "pride in being a Republican" will return when Republicans discard "insulting robo-calling, excessive mailings and scorched-earth tactics" and return to "the much longed for civility and sincere respectability."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Daily Herald publishes letter from Al Mott of Palatine that ridicules President Bush
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Karen Wagner of Rolling Meadows outrageously equates Obama's relationship with Wright with McCain's relationship with Hagee

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: 8th Congressional District: Chicago Sun-times promotes Bean, blasts Greenberg
-- Hillary retaliates, rips Wright amidst her false claim Deflects attention from false claim of facing sniper fire a week after Obama's race speech - Lynn Sweet,CST-NWS-sweet26.article
-- Lynn Sweet on MSNBC on Clinton's "not have been my pastor" RE: Rev. Wright and her "misspeak" of facing Bosnia sniper fire (Includes video clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: NOT SURPRISING: Democrat Black Woman Mary Mitchell Blasts Democrat White Woman Hillary Clinton For Blasting Democrat Black Male Jeremiah Wright,CST-NWS-mitch26.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: NOT SURPRISING: Democrat White Male Andrew Greeley Blasts Democrat White Woman Hillary Clinton For Blasting Democrat Black Male Jeremiah Wright,CST-EDT-greel26.article

-- GOP congressional hopeful Ozinga has history of giving to Democrats: $23,000 to Blagojevich, $7,000 to Vallas, $2,000 to Chico Concrete businessman trying to replace Weller in 11th District - Kenneth Lowe
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Kurt Budke of Bloomington makes excuses for Obama and Wright

-- 11th Congressional District: Republican Seeks Vacant House Slot in Illinois - Amid Democratic Flak - Jack Mellyn

-- GOP to Local Businessmen: I Love You What is it about the Illinois state GOP and their mega-crush on local business tycoons? "Federal Election Commission records also indicate that Ozinga gave $10,000 to Blagojevich's campaign in 2005, and that he made a $1000 contribution to Dick Durbin's campaign." - Kevin Robinson

-- Ozinga enters race for Congress Sere said the donations to Democrats "demonstrates he's someone who would work across the aisle with other Democrats in Congress to get positive things done for the district." - Edward Felker

-- VERY SAD: Villa Park OKs zoning change for OTB; suburb to get 1 percent of bets Suburb to take in 1 percent of bets, also gain eatery - Joseph Sjostrom and Gary Gibula,0,3144891.story
-- DuPage sheriff's deputies a step closer to higher starting salary - Joseph Sjostrom,1,1246578.story

-- Hillary Hits Obama: I Would Have Quit Church

-- Obamas’ Tax Returns Show Donation Spike - Leslie Wayne

-- GOP state parties are in dire straits - David Kuhn & Charles Mathtesian

-- Covering a phenomenon Reporter David Mendell had full access to Barack Obama before anyone else - Matt Baron

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: COMBINE IS OVERJOYED: Anonymous person who wants to be known as: Conservative Tired of Combine Drivel
takes the blame for the Illinois Republican Party's problems off the Combine and puts it on Illinois Republicans


-- Tom Mouhelis named MSHV Executive Director (3/26/08 News Clips page)

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Past/present Corvette owners include Joe Biden, Barry Goldwater, John McCain, Colin Powell, and Clarence Thomas. Diersen has owned a 1972 Corvette since 1971 and a 2005 Corvette since 2005. Diersen urges all Republicans, especially Republican candidates, Republican elected officials, and Republican party leaders, to own and drive American nameplate vehicles. (Files page)


Skeeter 8:56 AM  

"DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Karen Wagner of Rolling Meadows outrageously equates Obama's relationship with Wright with McCain's relationship with Hagee"

I agree completely, for once.
Wright never said something as deeply offensive as Hagee's claims that Catholics conspired with Hitler, that the Jews caused the Holocaust by offending God, or that Hurricane Katrina was due to God being upset about homosexuality.

Wright is not a good guy, but he is nothing at all like Hagee. For once, DD and I agree.

I always thought that this blog was just filled with bizarre paranoid ramblings. It it good to see that DD has finally seen the light.

David Ormsby 9:35 AM  

Can't you edit these posts a little?

Space the Final Frontier,  12:17 PM  

The question with Rod McCullogh was was he telling the truth with Jack Ryan or not. McCullogh turned out to be accurate.

But even if true that Jack was a freaky kinky swinger--he shouldn't of still dropped out of the Senate race.

Anonymous,  3:55 PM  

We should run a grass roots campaign to get Jack Ryan to run.

Jack, I apologize to you on behalf of the ILGOP.

Anonymous,  4:20 PM  

I'm surprised ILLINOIZE is letting Diersen use it for his own crusade. I see he even published an email and IP address of a disagreeing anonymous poster at Illinois Review today.

"Like school in the summertime .... nooooooooooo claaaasssss."

Chuck,  11:22 PM  

Jack Ryan for Senate in 08 (who is the Republican nominee) or Governor in 2010. He is the best candidate we ever had.

Judy,  5:27 PM  

I am not sure why Jack Ryan dropped out.

I am not sure why the ILGOP forced Jack Ryan out of the race.

As I understand it, from media accounts, and political discussions--Jack Ryan did NOT have an affair on his wife. He was loyal and faithful to his wife. Jack Ryan did NOT break any laws. But Jack Ryan did want to have some form of exhbitionism or voyeuristic sex with his wife WITH HIS WIFE.
Now, Jack may be wierd, kinky, different or even immoral (I am not sure about that) BUT he did NOT break any laws and did NOT commit adultery (at least not by the known information or the allegations)

It is funny that Speaker Hastert, Cong LaHood and Judy Bar Topinka talked about "immorality" and tried to force (and eventually did force) Jack Ryan out of the race--these were the same people who defended George Ryan to the end and did not force him out of anything while federal investigations were known since before he was elected governor. Many politicians have been accused of far worse than Jack Ryan.

We all talk about Barack Obama and his incredible qualifications but Jack Ryan really is far more impressive. Jack Ryan is tall and good looking. But beyond the superfical he is even more educated than Barack Obama with not only a Harvard Law degree like Obama but also a MBA. Jack worked in the private sector, unlike Barack Obama who did "community organizing" and some "low income housing" and "voting rights" legal work and a questionable law firm for Tony Rezko--Jack Ryan actually worked on the border in Mexico for immigrants and indigent persons in the Casa Juan Diego helping the poorest of the poor when he could be vacationing in Europe or starting his subsequent career at Goldman Sachs were he became a partner before 40 years old. He worked on major PRIVATE SECTOR (not just government or bs poverty pimp community organizing that was exaggerated in his book) business including the financing for Best Buy Electronics and many others that provided jobs and economic growth at the heighest levels. Jack Ryan has the highest levels of
education at the best most competitive schools and private sector jobs in Goldman Sachs with Captains of Capitol and Industry.

But if you were to think of Jack Ryan just as an Ivy League geek or arrogant super successful investment banker--Jack Ryan took time off before his career to help indigent people on the border.
Jack Ryan retired before 40 and was worth anywhere between 30 to 100 million dollars depending on the stockmarket with at least 10 million liquid cash and that was after 20 million to actress Jeri Ryan who committed adultery during a movie and TV career that Jack Ryan financed. This is a successful man who would not steal money like other politicians and be at the trough. So, after he made money--and could of made more Jack Ryan went to teach at an traditionally Black (African American) school Hales Fransciscan on the South Side of Chicago.
He could of made more money, he could of lived the life of an international Playboy. But instead Jack sacrificed and became a school teacher. Many people suggested he became a teacher at Hales Fransiscan for political reasons but a look at his family would tell you something different. His sister who is a doctor created a health clinic in Des Plaines Illinois for immigrant mostly Latino indigents without health insurance or health care. His mother helped save a Catholic all girls High School on the North Side and Jack gave money. Jack Ryan's uncle is Father Foley SJ who created the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in the Pilsen community that had a European model vocational school/work program that is now being emulated across the country.

Jack Ryan ran a good primary campaign. He is a decent speaker. He had good mail. Jack Ryan cut a good image. He had innovative media consultants. There was some backstabbing by the gadfly Dan Proft and his minions but there were other paid staff and volunteers who did a stellar job.
Jack Ryan could of given Barack Obama a run for his money and had a more compelling story than Barack.

Jack Ryan was humiliated by the Chicago Tribune and others unnecessarily. He was lied about by the media and lied to by Dan Proft and others in the ILGOP.
He was unfairly demonized when he was a far better candidate than the eventual Alan Keyes.

Jack Ryan should get a second chance. Jack Ryan could beat Dick Durbin. Jack Ryan could beat Rod Blagojevich.
Jack Ryan is one of the best and brightest that the ILGOP has.

Anonymous,  7:04 PM  

Wow. Could this be an indication that Jack Ryan is testing the waters for a comeback?

The Other Anonymous

Anonymous,  9:00 PM  

Jack Ryan has always supported less regulation so that it wouldn't interfere with a free market. One of themes of his campaign was to make America freer, fairer and safer. The "fairer" bit had to do with a quality educational system that would develop employees who are ready to "work, learn and earn".

"Freer is the way to make more jobs, higher paying jobs, jobs for everybody," Jack Ryan was quoted as saying.

Anonymous,  7:46 AM  

And, of course, actions speak louder than words--including catchy but hollow campaign slogans that rhyme.

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