Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stuart Levine - What Are Implications of Guilty Plea 12 Days From the Election?

The Chicago Sun-Times Saturday reported that Stuart Levine’s guilty plea agreement will be made public 12 days before the November election.

Why is that interesting, maybe important?

The most impact will probably be upon Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Levine is a member in good standing of Illinois’ bi-partisan combine.

In Illinois politics, Levine heavily supported Republicans like Lee Daniels and Jim Ryan. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars here.

In fact, Levine was Jim Ryan’s law school study partner and biggest lifetime contributor.

After Jim Ryan lost to Blagojevich, however, Levine started supporting Blagojevich.

(Levine is not alone in switching his allegiance to Blagojevich. That is for sure.)

When Levine got in trouble, Blagojevich did not give his money back, as he did with those more closely connected to the Democratic Party and an alleged mob firm, M & M Amusements. Levine didn't get any money back for his legal defense.

Blagojevich gave Levine’s $4,267 to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Before that, Blagojevich provided Levine two important appointments.

Blagojevich re-appointed Levine to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, where he was reportedly involved in corruption to approve Mercy Health System’s Crystal Lake hospital. He is also reported to have helped shake down Naperville’s Edward Hospital.

Blagojevich also appointed Levine to the Downstate Teachers Retirement Fund board. There, the drill has been reported to be the same: kickbacks for approval of investments.

His buddy Joe Cari, former Democratic National Committee finance chairman, has already pled guilty, referring to what more than one reporter has found to be Blagojevich. So has Blagojevich administration lawyer Steven Loren, who worked for the pension fund.

As one who ran against Republican Jim Ryan and Democrat Rod Blagojevich, I find it more than a little interesting that Levine will admit that he is a crook right before the election.

I wonder how different it would have been had Jim Ryan won the election.

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