Monday, June 05, 2006

Laura Washington talks about the County Board Race...

So basically she does a run down of all the candidates for the Presidency of the Cook County Board. She didn't seem to do what Rev. Jesse Jackson did this weekend to call for the end to the silence with regards to John Stroger's health. But she did discuss who might be good fits for the job of County Board President.

Of course Todd Stroger's (8th Ward Alderman) name has come up often. He wants the job but Washington isn't exactly falling into line that if white politicians can anoint their children, so can black politicians. This is what she said about Ald. Stroger...

There's 8th Ward Ald. Todd Stroger. His public flip-flops about his father's condition and intentions are laughable. Cook County government -- a $3 billion corporation -- requires a keen administrator. He's a nice young man, but Todd Stroger has never run anything.
Which is why I think he'll be eaten alive if they let him have it but if he did get the nod this comment from Washington sizes up that situation...

Cook County needs a leader and a manager -- not a placeholder or a puppet.
So how about those other contenders. What about CHA chief Terry Peterson? Well he's not interested. Though he and Ald. William Beavers (7th ward) are considered compromise choices according to Washington. Then there's Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown...
...the ambitious Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown. Besides, her independent black base gives the royal families of Stroger, Daley and Jackson the heebie-jeebies.
I like her already. But before this there was Cook County Commissioner Bobbie Steele. Almost in the same breath with Dorothy Brown. When Washington wrote this I honestly would have had absolutely no idea...

Cook County Commissioner Bobbie L. Steele is a 20-year board veteran and says she is up for the job. As a woman who has paid her dues, she's my sentimental favorite. She is up against her gender, and she knows it. Black male politicians are a sexist bunch, and they are not about to move over for any woman. I must say that even though he has no official sway in the decision, kudos should go to the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. for backing Steele.
Those ladies have an uphill battle but I would like someone who was outside of the "machine" as Dorothy Brown apparently is. But unfortunetly I'm not sure that Steele's or Brown's time is coming. Then a choice out of left field and I say this because the focus surely had to been on finding a black candidate for Cook County Board President...

The joker in the deck is Cook County Assessor Jim Houlihan. There a tiny problem there. He happens to be white. He also happens to be very qualified. Houlihan is a policy wonk who actually has a plan to turn the county around.
Oh, I just have to mention what she says about another potential candidate for the county board presidency. We've heard his name more than anyone else other than Todd Stroger. Rep. Danny Davis...

Rep. Danny K. Davis, aka The Voice of God, proclaims he is getting a raft of spontaneous "calls" for him to run. Davis is a veteran legislator and grass-roots advocate for the disadvantaged. No African-American official has worked harder to build political bridges between blacks and Latinos. Unfortunately, his operation has a reputation for disorganization, and I wonder about a congressman who would participate in a "coronation ceremony" for Sun Myung Moon. Davis did the crowning.
So she has some misgivings about that. It's interesting to see some intrigue around county government. And the characters seeking a very powerful and important seat. And just think this seems to be as a result of a man's failing health. And this man's health went down just before his primary election. Meaning that we see the drama unfolding at this very moment.

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Anonymous,  4:19 PM  

County government is a despicable JOKE, I just don't think a Republican can win

Secret Asian Man,  10:30 PM  

Maybe if Claypool puts on blackface, they'll appoint him.

Anonymous,  7:17 AM  

Is there any policy or moral reason that it has to be an African American? Why shouldn't it be the best qualified person?

Beavers is a racist. If a white politician said what Beavers said he would be run out of town.

Pat Hickey 7:49 AM  

Terry Peterson was the first really effective Alderman of the 17th Ward in years; under Terry Peterson, more was accomplished to attract small business investors to the economic wasteland on 79th Street that had become a playland for for gangs. Blighted and abandoned buildings were targeted for development; the 6th Police District was moved from its blue velveeta cheesebox operation on Green Street to the new multi-million dollar headquaters on Halsted; Federal dollars were ear-marked for economic deveopment and not an alderman's pockets; gangs were targeted with true aim; job opportunities for 17th Ward residents sprouted; and the neighborhood began to look like one.

Terry Peterson has taken on CHA - that should be enough for any man - and worked miracles in improving the lives of so many.

Terry Peterson is a hell of a guy.

cynthia 3:57 PM  

I just think they should have given Stroger the time that his family asked for. I think this whole thing is despicable.

Anonymous,  4:47 PM  

I could support Dorothy Brown if not for Squire Lance. Squire Lance the Opus Dei member could send Dorothy to jail.

Anonymous,  10:08 AM  

I will vote for Tony Peraica, he makes sense, but I don't know if he can win.

Anonymous,  9:03 PM  

I'm with you 4:47. Lance is an old school pompus ass. It always seems that polished, effective women have these hanger-ons around them. You would have thought the Squire was the clerk the way he acts and with his desk full of patronage lists, she'll be in the same trouble as others.

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