Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Clout List's Race column

Notice the third column for Race on the Clout List (pdf file)? It's W's, B's, H's, and a few O's.

My experience working with race indicators is the results are vastly different if Race is self reported versus someone else reporting. Self reported results yield far more blanks or unknowns. A few blanks on this list and not a single U from my scan.

I don't think they were using the data for affirmative action reports so it would be interesting to see what in the world they did do with it; and who was deciding what Race everyone belonged too.

I thought -if I was using this list- I would have been more interested in the person's precinct of residence, but that may have turned out to be as flakey as the flakey biology of race.

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Merlin,  1:19 PM  

Sorich and the boys are going down
covering up for a clown
Degnan's only regret
his coffers weren't filled yet
and the Mayor never got his crown

Pat Hickey 10:04 PM  

Lacks meter Merlin. As Alexander Pope said, 'fails the finger.'

Merlin,  10:23 AM  

Robert Sorich was a stand up guy.
His loyalty could bring a tear to your eye.
Counting on clout
He refused to sell out
Like Daley's dirty laundry he'll be hung out to dry.

Pat Hickey 11:10 AM  

Much better, Merlin.

Though political satire is served much better by the closed couplet, IMO.

Merlin,  1:35 PM  

Four men went to trial for committing no crime.
In Chicago fixing jobs is as old as time.
See the alderman to get a job it was always said.
Without clout the prospect might as well be dead.
Things are now different which for many is fine.
They still take applications but you have to get in line.

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