Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joseph Annunzio: hard worker but "lacked people skills."

No wonder Illinois has problems. This is what Democratic clout politics gives us.


Mick,  10:59 PM  

The Civil Service Board is a joke.
The Rev Lucius Hall gets millions of dollars for selling out.
The decisions are political.

Anonymous,  9:08 AM  

African Americans, some of whom benefit greatly from Chicago Machine
politics, both financially and politically, should be out on the streets on this one.

But they aren't. Why not? Could it be that they prefer a system which protects civil service jobs at practically any cost. After all, African Americans benefit greatly from city and state Democratic patronage machines which provide a multitude of civil service jobs.

Any system which actually held civil servants accountable for anything but collecting a paycheck
would affect African American civil servants too.

Anonymous,  1:19 PM  

They fired Frank Coconate from his City Job as a Laborer. That was silly, silly, silly.

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