Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Because He's Black?!?

That was the screaming headline on the front page of the Sun-Times today, and its the excuse offered by Commissioner William Beavers for why County Board President Todd Stroger can't pass his nearly $900 million tax increase.

Nevermind that Tony Peraica, whom Beavers claims is the racist leader of the opposition, is only one of atleast nine commissioners who oppose the tax increase, and is hardly the leader of anyone.

Nevermind that organized opposition to the tax increase comes from black ministers and business owners in Stroger's ward.

Nevermind that polling shows that opposition to higher taxes is usually strongest among low-income African Americans, because they understand all too well that they can't afford higher taxes.

Nevermind that Stroger's proposed tax increase is more than three times what is needed to fill the $239 million budget deficit.

Nevermind that Stroger's proposed budget included no proposed cost savings, cuts, consolidations, or increased efficiencies.

Nevermind that since he's taken office, Stroger has been ripped for giving the clout-heavy plum, high-paying jobs in his administration.

Nevermind that Mayor Daley and Governor Blagojevich have faced similar opposition to their tax increases.

Nevermind that Stroger's 2% sales tax increase, and other tax increases he's proposed, are regressive taxes that would hit low-income families hardest.

And nevermind that his father - who, for the record, was also black - never had these problems.

Inexperienced, overreaching, ignores good advice and political realities, avoids even the appearance of reform -- these are all valid explanations for why Stroger is facing mounting opposition.

Opposition to Stroger tax increases comes from groups like the Citizen's Utility Board, AARP, ACORN, and the Ministerial Alliance Against the Digital Divide, whose NoPhoneTax Website has seen nearly 100,000 hits in opposition to a $48 per year phone tax backed by Stroger and Beavers that will cost the typical Cook County family of four $240 per year.

Beavers over-the-top claim that anyone who opposes Todd Stroger must be a racist not only ignores reality, it undermines efforts to combat real racism. Shameful.


fedup dem 4:46 PM  

I wonder what racial excuse Beavers will give on the night of February 5, when Ald. Sandi Jackson kicks Beavers' sorry butt and trounces him for 7th Ward Democratic Committeeman?

The next time you see Bill Beavers, be sure to yell out, "Dead politican walking!"

Yellow Dog Democrat 5:05 PM  


The clock is ticking on Beavers' County Board seat. Any bets on whether he takes a high-paying appointment with Stroger to boost his pension instead of simply getting trounced?

Dr. Goldblatt "Do you know who I am?" 8:58 PM  

Beavers knows budget and finances better than anyone I know.

Alderman Beavers deserves respect for his knowledge on budget issues.

Oy Vay Zmeer!,

--- Leland Milton Goldblatt
Distinguished Professor

Q. What's worse than tax-and-spend Democrats?
A. Borrow-and-spend Republicans.
It's not that the Republicans don't like spending money. They just don't like Democrats spending money. To prevent that, their strategy since the Reagan years has been to bankrupt the country while they're in power. That way, even when the Republicans get thrown out and the Democrats are back in control, the Democrats still won't be able to spend very much.

Levois 1:08 AM  

I wonder if we might be seeing one termers on both Todd Stroger and Bill Beavers. The weaseled their way into the positions. I can say that at least Beavers knows what he's doing he's just got a big mouth. Todd Stroger on the other hand is in over his head.

Prof. Goldblatt Ph.D. 5:10 PM  

Well said, Levois!


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®

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