Sunday, June 08, 2008

Morgenthaler and Rezko

Having spent a few months in Iraq, I'm clueless why we needed to teach any Iraqi how to use an AK-47. The ones I met seemed perfectly comfortable with the weapon.

Mark Johnson asks the question,

With yesterday’s announcement that Tony Rezko is guilty of 16 counts in his corruption trial, it is time for Jill Morgenthaler to start answering questions. Morgenthaler, candidate for IL-06, was a senior advisor to the Blagojevich administration and was the one who helped find a location for Rezko’s company to train Iraqi police forces.


How much did Morgenthaler know about Frawley and Rezko and the contract when she was doing Blagojevich’s bidding?

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السلطان قابوس بن سعيد بن تيمور آلبوسعيدي‎,  5:32 PM  

The international implications of Antwoin Rezko vis a vis presumed Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama are significant. Auchi, Iraq, Syria, Oman, Qatar, oil lines, security companies, and much more--better than a book.
Obama has already lied about meeting Auchi even though Pat Quinn said it was a small crowd very memorable. It is hard to believe, based on Rezko's character and past actions, that Rezko was pay to play with his other political friends like Blagojevich and Stroger but not with Obama, that Rezko never asked Obama for anything (although that was another lie as it turned out there were some interns he asked for) But did he get information or ask Obama for anything vis a vis Auchi? or the Emir of Qatar? or the Sultan of Oman? or any immigration concerns (Rezko has employees in the Recorder of Deeds, the County hospital and other places--they are from Syria) did Obama help Rezko with immigration issues for his family?
It is hard to believe that Obama did not do any quid pro qou or business when he did when Rezko was an "affordable housing" (read: slum lord) in his District or when Obama was doing legal work for Rezko investments or there was other real estate with his law firm principal.
The international stuff is more dangerous and scary for a President. Especially a President who is not perceived (which is not necessarily right) as being American enough or patriotic enough (foreign national father, foreign national stepfather, growing up in Indonesia, growing up with Muslim stepfather, having freethinking agnotic mother, wife only recently being proud of America etc) However, beyond polemic some of this is important especially what Obama did for or knew about Rezko.

Anonymous,  6:49 PM  

This could be HUGE!!!!

Bill Baar 4:13 AM  

It will be anon... it will...

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