Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Voting is overrated

Ed Emmons takes Pekin Times editor Michelle Teheux for deciding to not vote in yesterday's primary election:

I can understand voters not wanting to vote in a primary, because one must either take a Democratic or Republican ticket. I believe its stupid that you cannot vote for who you wish and its something that needs changed. I understand that. But Michelle has over the years written time and time again about bemoaning voter apathy, urging people to be involved citizens!

So why did Michelle NOT vote? She claims it was not because of negative campaigning, or the fact that she did not have many candidates who she was rooting for. Instead she chose not to vote because in the end according to Michelle,"all semblance of secrecy was lost".

To be fair to Michelle there is a new law in place now that forces voters to vote in every major race or to have their ballots singled out for review. So many people choose to undervote. This means that if there is only one person running against no one, and you do not vote for that person, its called undervoting.

Theheux's column is here.

I also did not vote. I didn't stay away because of concerns about my ballot being "singled out." I usually study the races and come to a conclusion on every race before I enter the ballot booth. So no undervoting for me.

I didn't vote in the primary because I am not a member of any party. Primary elections are how party members decide which person best suits their parties values and goals.

Why should I have a say in who the Democrats pick for governor, or which Republican gets to run for judge?


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