Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Peoria Journal Star judged to be lousy at covering elections

Congratulations to the staff of the Peoria Journal Star. They were finally able to muster the time and massive editorial resources needed to post, on their Website, an article with results of the 10th Circuit judicial races.

This article was posted slightly less than 24 hours after C.J. Summers had the results up on his citizen journalism site.

My two cents: It's 2010. The Internet exists. It has for decades now. Newspapers cannot, CANNOT hold the news until the next day because the bosses would rather spend the cash on their bonuses rather than hiring enough reporters to do the job. When you cut staffing to less than the bare minimum needed to put out the daily newspaper, you certainly do not have enough to do an adequate job covering an election.

State races? I did not even bother with any mainstream media site (or any television or radio station) to get my news about state races. I went to The Capitol Fax Blog, which had THE most up-to-date-results, not to mention absolutely spot-on analysis. Now that Jonathan Ahl has left Peoria, I cannot think of any single local mainstream reporter who could have done half as well analyzing local races as Rich Miller.

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