Monday, February 01, 2010

Confessions of an ex- Proft supporter

Up until a week ago, I was resigned to the scenario that on Feb 2 I would be voting for a guy who said everything I wanted to hear, but who had little chance of even breaking into double digits in the Governor's race in Illinois. A protest vote, if you will, that had little chance of impacting the upper tier field of ILGOP establishment candidates. Enter Adam Andrzejewski.

I met Adam and his staff at the Quincy Tea Party meet and greet on 1/22 with no intention of changing how I would vote. I was wrong. Here's my stump email explanation for family and friends who have been asking WTF for the last week and a half:

No union money. He's mostly self funded up until the last few days. I know Proft says all the right things. I'm basing my decision on a couple of things. Proft has absolutely no money, about $150k. He and Adam are dividing the "reformer" vote and may end up canceling each other out. Polls show Adam on the uptick (11%) and Proft fading (6%). In a debate the other night each candidate was asked who they would vote for if they were not running. Adam said Proft. Proft said Ryan. That was the clincher. I see Proft as a spoiler. Perhaps even a plant by one of the R leaders or Madigan himself. Somethings just not right. Proft is too slick, and if he really wanted reform, he can see by the polls that he should drop out and release his supporters to Adam. That's just my take.

If this poll is legit, and I have every reason to believe it is, the heads of establishment Republicans and Democrats alike are exploding as you read this today. For an astute account of how this has unfolded click here. Proft has already come out swinging wildly at Adam (I linked his campaign site for the last time a couple weeks ago). His numbers must show the same trend. Watch for the rest of them to come out today with equally lame late hits, as they are all unprepared for this surge by Andrzejewski.

The reality is still that the institutional advantages enjoyed by the others will be very difficult to overcome, the next Governor of Illinois will most likely be the Republican nominee. Let's get this right.


Unknown 8:32 PM  

Very well stated, Dave. Kudos to you.

Wumpus 2:48 AM  

Proft a plant by Madigan? That is pretty ridiculous.

I am thinking the Proft sees himself a sa big boy and associates his chances with those of Ryan. Adam has no shot and why would Proft want to pt himself in that company. I do like Adam, he has stayed positive, which is hard for a tea partier.

Charles Tierney,  6:36 AM  

I will not vote for Adam because the attaches I have endored from his supporters. These people have been dipping from the Obama cool-aide well and have made this guy their new Messiah. They are blinded by their Messiah complex and can not see that Andy does not understand government, he doesn't even know how many representative are in the house senate. He has great ideas but no understanding of government operates. How can you reform something you don't understand. He is not willing to cut taxes, until he balances the budget. That is not the policy of a reformer, I can get this from Dillard or Brady. There is only one candidate who will cut takes immediately and cap spending. This will immediately jump start Illinois' economy. This is Reaganomics - this is Dan Proft policy and that is why he has my vote! I want to add that Dan has a complete package for reform. Adam has audits and balancing budget, and will take years to do. Again if you want real reform VOTE PROFT

John 12:52 PM  

Proft can't cut taxes because the Democrat controlled legislature won't let much for understanding how government operates...

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