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August 24, 2014 GOPUSA ILLINOIS email

-- Feds subpoena emails of Quinn's ex-chief of staff - Ray Long and Rick Pearson
-- U. of I. freshmen from China start college with jet lag, culture shock - Stacy St. Clair
-- Forgotten lessons of '60s urban riots - Clarence Page  (DIERSEN: Democrats have always shouted at Blacks that Republicans cause all the problems that Blacks have.)
-- Vacation? Congress, engage the Islamic State now - Editorial
-- Give people the power to shape their state - Editorial  (DIERSEN: What "shape" do Democrats want Illinois, your county, your township/ward, your municipality, and your precinct to be?  Democrats run Illinois.  Democrats run Cook County.  Democrats run Chicago.  Increasingly, the Democrats who run Illinois focus on driving Republicans out of Illinois, out of Cook County, and out of Chicago, and especially Republicans who are White, male, older, religious, conservative, gun owners, non-poor, non-veteran, and/or who have ancestors who have been in Illinois for a long time.  Obviously, therefore, the Democrats who run Illinois want all those who live in Illinois, in your county, in your township/ward, in your municipality, and in your precinct  to be Democrats, and especially Democrats who are non-White, female, younger, non-religious, liberal, non-gun owners, poor, veteran, and/or do not have ancestors who have been in America for a long time.)
-- Term limits off the ballot, and that's OK - Eric Zorn
-- Chicago 1919: A racial tinderbox - Ron Grossman  (DIERSEN: How old are you?  I am 65.  How long have your ancestors been in America?  All my ancestors immigrated to America in the 1840s and 1850s from what is now Germany.  What do you say to those who hint/imply/argue/shout that if you are a Republican, the longer that your ancestors have been in America, a) the more that you benefited from their discrimination against minorities and against females and b) the more that you should pay the price of Affirmative Action, of Diversity, and of Inclusion?)
-- Rauner takes ALS ice bucket plunge; prods Madigan, Karen Lewis - NATASHA KORECKI
-- Another blunder for Quinn administration's NRI program? - DAVE MCKINNEY and FRANK MAIN
-- State renews Get Covered Illinois PR contract - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Increasingly, Democrats a) glorify and praise citizens of foreign countries and b) demonize, denigrate and condemn citizens of America.
-- Quinn's magic number: 1 million - Paul Merrion  (DIERSEN: What are Rauner's magic numbers for your county, for your township/ward, for your municipality, and for your precinct?  Who in your county, in your township/ward, in your municipality, and in your precinct is responsible for meeting those numbers?  What are they doing to meet those numbers?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Ten weeks from Election Day, the race for Illinois governor is much different from last time—yet it still could be another nail-biter that comes down to turnout in Cook County. As Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner head into their post-Labor Day sprint to Nov. 4, the Rauner campaign is marginally but consistently ahead in the polls, just as Republican state Sen. Bill Brady was around this time four years ago. But Mr. Quinn likely will have to improve on his 2010 performance in heavily Democratic Cook County, where he got 900,838 votes but won by only 32,000 statewide. Mr. Rauner already has outspent the cash-strapped Mr. Brady and he is less conservative on social issues, which likely will boost his appeal among moderate suburban voters. Several national political observers are giving a slight edge to the Republican after earlier calling the race a tossup. “It's hard to see how Quinn can win if he can't pull out at least a million votes from Cook County, absent surprisingly low turnout everywhere else,” says Brian Gaines, professor of political science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.)
-- How to sell a cold, penniless city - Shia Kapos  (DIERSEN: The Democrats who run Chicago focus on driving Republicans out Chicago, especially Republicans who are White, male, older, religious, conservative, gun owners, non-poor, non-veteran, and/or who have ancestors who have been in Illinois for a long time.)
-- Gay bathhouses nationwide face uncertain future - AP
-- Mexico blasts Perry comments about Islamists - AP  (DIERSEN: What do you say to those who a) glorify and praise Mexico and its citizens, many of whom are in America, and b) demonize, denigrate, and condemn Americans, especially Americans who are conservative, Republican, White, male, older, gun owners, non-poor, non-veteran, and/or who have ancestors who have been in America for a long time?)
-- Republicans sound off at Reagan Tribute Dinner - Scott Fitzgerald
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Republican Gov. candidate Bruce Rauner of Winnetka did not attend the Ronald Reagan Tribute Dinner hosted Saturday at The City of Marion Pavilion by the Williamson County Republican Central Committee. Citing last minute campaign changes, Rauner's presence was felt as a short video of him was shown. Rauner welcomed the audience and described it as "our year" for the Republican Party in the upcoming November general election. He also talked about his running mate, Lt. Gov candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti of Wheaton, and described her as a "superstar.")
-- Dillard money - Kurt Erickson
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Before leaving his job as a state senator, the runner-up in the Republican race for governor had to tap his running mate to help pay off a $50,000 loan from his old boss. According to state election records, former state Sen. Kirk Dillard, a Hinsdale Republican, collected $50,000 from his lieutenant governor pick on Aug. 15. He then turned around and wrote a $50,000 check to repay former Gov. Jim Edgar for a campaign loan given during the March primary campaign. Repayment of the loan came just a day after Edgar, who had been backing Dillard in the four-way GOP race, told Republicans at the Illinois State Fair that he was now supporting Rauner. State Rep. Jil Tracy, R-Quincy, who was Dillard's No. 2 in the race, said it was an agreed upon by all sides that she would pick up the tab for repaying the loan from Edgar. "Governor Edgar offered to write us a loan. I offered to pay it back," Tracy said. "That's just how it was." She said the timing of the repayment had nothing to do with Edgar's endorsement of Rauner. Rather, she said, "This is just a loose end that needed to be wrapped up." What's odd about the whole thing is that Edgar has $430,000 still left in his campaign account at a time when he doesn't appear to be planning another run for public office. He could have just given Dillard $50,000 out of the account and put the rest in a Cayman Islands account.)
-- Rauner's focus will soon shift to Chicago - Tom Kacich  (DIERSEN: What about DuPage County?  What about Milton Township?  What about Wheaton?)
-- Down the tubes  Reformers who hoped to turn state politics upside down are once again licking their wounds. - Editorial
-- Naperville candidate petitions to be available Tuesday
-- State Rep. Poe faces 3-week stem cell procedure in Texas  State Rep. Raymond Poe is facing three weeks in a Texas hospital to undergo a stem cell transplant designed to cure a blood disease. - Bernard Schoenburg
-- Nothing extravagant about average state of Illinois retirement benefit - Liam McDonnell, Springfield  (DIERSEN: What do you say to those who "demonize" federal retirees like me "to make political headway?"  I would stress that I might very well NOT be a federal retiree if in 1971, a) Oldsmobile had NOT agreed to stop hiring Whites to settle an EEOC complaint and b) Oldsmobile had NOT therefore withdrawn its job offer that I had accepted.  Further, I would stress that in 1966, the Post Office offered me a job only because the Post Office could not find a qualified Democrat who would take it, that in 1971, IRS offered me a job only because IRS could not find a qualified Democrat who would take it, and in 1980, GAO offered me a job only because GAO could not find a qualified Democrat who would take it.  Many millions in America are not qualified to be federal employees because a) they lack education, work experience, and/or professional certifications required for the jobs, b) they cannot pass employment examinations required for the jobs, and/or c) they cannot pass a background check.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On Tuesday I attended a meeting in Hillsboro to listen to Illinois Republican candidate Bruce Rauner discuss his ideas to make Illinois a better state. During that event, Mr. Rauner indicated current state employees who retired were all in their early 50s and all will collect “millions and millions” of dollars in retirement. It was pointed out to Mr. Rauner that this was not factual. For example, the average retirement benefit for an employee who retired from the state is about $30,000 dollars a year, and if that employee retired for 20 years he or she would collect about $800,000 dollars total over that period. Even if that retiree was lucky enough to live 30 years after retirement, they would collect about $1.4 million over that period of time. Based on this, it is highly unlikely the average state retiree will get “millions and millions” in retirement. What really bothered me about these remarks by Mr. Rauner is that he is a businessman with an economics degree from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Harvard University. You would think that with this educational background he would do a little more research before making such remarks. But it would make sense if he is trying to demonize state retirees to make political headway. I hope this is not an example of the economic analysis he plans to use to grow the Illinois economy. It is worth nothing that Mr. Rauner, who is 57, retired in 2012 from the private equity firm GTCR and in 2013 made more than $50 million and owns nine homes. Mr. Rauner, as a state retiree I am not going to hold this against you, but please stop demonizing state retirees because of their “extravagant” retirement benefits.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats promote class warfare and envy.  Increasingly, Democrats use Rauner's Cayman Island bank accounts to demonize him, to denigrate him, and to condemn him as being wealthy.  Are you a Republican, are you White, are you a male, are you older, are you non-poor, are you a non-veteran?  I am.  What do/did the Democrats use to demonize you, to denigrate you, and to condemn you as being wealthy?  My Democrat superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates in the federal government mainly used a) the new cars that I bought and especially my 1966 Pontiac Tempest Sprint, 1968 Oldsmobile 442, 1969 Dodge Charger SE, and 1972 Corvette, b) the new town home and condos that I bought, c) the collector cars that I bought, d) the home that my wife and I bought in Wheaton, e) the new home that my wife and I had built in Wheaton, f) my wife's salary and savings, and g) the money that my wife and I saved for retirement.)
-- The pot continues to thicken for video gaming  Patrons putting more money into the slots this year - MATT MENCARINI  (DIERSEN: What percent of those who have financial, health, and/or other problems gamble, drink, smoke, etc.?)
-- DEFUNDING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY - Grover G. Norquist  (DIERSEN: One could compare and contrast where the money comes from to operate with where the money comes from to operate  100% of the time and money to operate comes from David John Diersen.  He who pays the piper calls the tune.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Republican and Democratic parties are not mirror images of each other. They are built on radically different foundations. The Republican Party raises money and volunteers from the real economy. It cannot take anyone’s time or money by force. It has to ask. The Democratic Party lives off government spending and laws that force Americans to fund it. Much taxpayer money gets cycled through the organizations of the Left. Labor unions demand dues from workers as a condition of employment because Democrats have written laws to require it. Trial lawyers reap millions of dollars thanks to rulings from Democratic judges.  The political structures that inform, control, and fund the American Left—labor unions, trial lawyers, big city political machines, and beneficiaries of government spending, contracts, welfare payments, and grants—all depend on government. Without state power, their political muscle would atrophy. Now that Republicans have control of twenty-four state governments—the governorship and both houses of the legislature—they should repeal laws that fund and perpetuate the Democrats’ political machine.)
-- Administration offers another contraceptive 'fix' - Rick Moran
-- Obama's Character and Faith are Legitimate Issues - Jason Kissner  (DIERSEN: What do you say to those in Wheaton, in Milton Township, in DuPage County, and in Illinois a) who state that they are religious, conservative, and/or Republican, b) who demonize, denigrate, and condemn my character, and/or c) who demonize, denigrate, and condemn the Missouri Synod Lutheran religion in which I was baptized, raised, and confirmed in?)
-- Democracy and Ferguson - Steve Chapman
-- Jindal calls Obama's response to Foley killing 'disturbingly naive' - Mario Trujillo
-- Congress turns Wikipedia into forum for pranks, battle - Julian Hattem
-- Aaron Schock finds a new reason to show off his chest - John Aravosis
-- New York Press Club blasts Gov. Christie’s blacklist tactic - Mark Lagerkvist
-- Journalists on the Government’s Blacklist - David Sirota
-- The Golf Address  From the great battlefield of Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard, a few words of national import. - Maureen Dowd
-- The Growing Blue-State Diaspora - Robert Gebeloff and David Leonhardt  (DIERSEN: Increasingly, people flee the poverty and crime that the Democrat Party platform brings forth for the prosperity and safety that the Republican Party platform brings forth.  For many many many decades, people have left the poverty and crime that the Democrat Party platform has brought forth in Cook County and in Chicago for the prosperity and safety that the Republican Party platform has brought forth in DuPage Country.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Californians have moved to Colorado and Nevada. Massachusetts natives have moved to New Hampshire. New Yorkers have moved to North Carolina and Virginia — and, of course, have continued moving to Florida.  Over the last few decades, residents of many traditionally liberal states have moved to states that were once more conservative. And this pattern has played an important role in helping the Democratic Party win the last two presidential elections and four of the last six. The growth of the Latino population and the social liberalism of the millennial generation may receive more attention, but the growing diaspora of blue-state America matters as well. The blue diaspora has helped offset the fact that many of the nation’s fastest-growing states are traditionally Republican. You can think of it as a kind of race: Population growth in these Republican states is reducing the share of the Electoral College held by traditionally Democratic states. But Democratic migration has been fast enough, so far, to allow the party to overcome the fact that the Northeast and industrial Midwest contain a smaller portion of the country’s population than they once did.)
-- Bid to Expand Medical Marijuana Business Faces Federal Hurdles - DAVE PHILIPPS
-- Rick Perry can’t carry concealed weapons after indictment - AP
-- Are Your Assets Ready for College?  How to Lower Your 'Expected Family Contribution' - Lindsay Gellman  (DIERSEN: What are you doing or what did you do to lower your "expected family contribution?"  What did your parents do to lower their "expected family contribution" for you?)
-- Misreading our demographics in 21st century - Esther Cepeda
FOX 14
-- America's Largest Federal Employee Union Comes to Minneapolis for Annual Diversity Week - American Federation of Government Employees  (DIERSEN: Many, if not most of those who disapprove of me promote Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Inclusion.  Most, if not virtually all of those who work against me disapprove of: people who they cannot dominate, people who they cannot manipulate, religious people, conservatives, Republicans, Whites, men, older people, people who do share their religion, people who do not share their national origin, people who have more money than they have, people who have less money than they have, gun owners, those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time, and/or all Americans.)
-- Corvettes at Carlisle: photo gallery - Paul Chaplin
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Corvette fans headed to Carlisle Fairgrounds for Corvettes at Carlisle on Saturday. The show continues on Sunday. Visitors to the event, billed as the largest Corvette show in the world, were able to see thousands of Corvettes, shop for Corvette parts and memorabilia, and watch the Ms. Corvettes at Carlisle pageant. Later in the evening thousands of spectators gathered in downtown Carlisle to watch as hundreds of Corvettes paraded through town.)
-- Events will draw thousands,offer economic boost to area  Event expected to give economy $5 million boost on top of museum's annual contribution to the economy - Monica Spees
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Bowling Green can expect 10,000 visitors next weekend for the National Corvette Museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. The event runs from Wednesday to Sunday and coincides with Thursday’s grand opening of the NCM Motorsports Park. About 8,000 people pre-registered, but the museum expects more people than that, said Katie Frassinelli, the museum’s marketing and communications manager. The 20th anniversary celebration is expected to be about twice the size of the 15th anniversary, she said. About 5,500 people attended 15th anniversary events each day, with 4,800 people pre-registered.)


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