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August 22, 2014 GOPUSA ILLINOIS email

-- Patronage Charges May Prove Quinn’s Undoing  New report adds to drumbeat of patronage charges in governor's office. - Mark W. Anderson
-- Rauner Once Called Quinn an 'Extraordinary' Leader  Roll the footage! - Erin Carlson
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES-- Ex-IDOT boss blames gov's office for majority of improper hires - DAVE MCKINNEY
-- ‘D-Day’ spells defeat for Rauner’s term limits referendum - TINA SFONDELES
-- Rauner praises Quinn for 'extraordinary...leadership' - NATASHA KORECKI
-- Romney, Ryan together again to talk policy — and critique Obama - TINA SFONDELES
-- Obama's vacation days vs. his predecessors - CHAD MERDA  (DIERSEN: While I worked for IRS 1971-1980 and for GAO 1980-1984, I got 20 vacation day a year.  While I worked for GAO 1984-1997, I got 26 vacation days a year.)
-- Karen Lewis’ union members can’t keep facts straight - Michael Sneed
CHICAGO TRIBUNE-- The world discards its surplus citizens - John McCarron  (DIERSEN: Does/did your employer discard its surplus employees?  All during the almost 18 years that I worked for GAO 1980-1997, it was downsizing.  I should write an article, or maybe a book about how GAO discarded its surplus employees.  Overwhelming, they were White, male, older, and/or non-veteran.)
-- Rauner's term limits plan rejected - Mike Riopell
-- Report: State agency broke hiring rules for years -  AP
-- Buffalo Grove named a safest city in IL
-- Email exchanges show little tension between DuPage forest commission, director - Robert Sanchez
-- Roskam hires wounded veteran in West Chicago office - Mike Riopell
SUBURBAN LIFE-- College of DuPage board votes to censure trustee - EVAN SHIELDS
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The College of DuPage Board of Trustees voted Thursday to censure a trustee because of her actions after an email from the college president leaked. The censure of Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton passed by a 5-2 vote, with Hamilton and trustee Kim Savage voting against it. Trustee Nancy Svoboda abstained.  A censure has no actual ramifications, but serves as an expression of disapproval of Hamilton by the other board members. According to the resolution for censure, which was read into the record by Chairwoman Erin Birt, Hamilton was censured because of "inappropriate and embarrassing conduct."  The action came as a result of comments Hamilton made after an email from college President Robert Breuder was leaked to the public. In the email, Breuder requested board members publicly support an initiative for a teaching and learning center in an effort to free up $20 million that had been promised to the college by the state, but not delivered. The governor's office announced it would withhold the $20 million after the email became public. Among the things Hamilton is accused of doing in the resolution is speaking to members of the media instead of board members about her disagreement with the teaching and learning center plans. Hamilton was the only trustee to vote at the board's June meeting against spending $30 million in reserve funds to build the center. While Birt said Hamilton could speak to the media as a member of the public, she could not "misstate the action the board has taken."  Birt also said Hamilton had been disrespectful by texting during meetings, making rude and intimidating statements to other board members and failing to read an agenda prior to agenda planning meetings. Hamilton disagreed with the resolution, calling it "slanted." "This censure represents a tremendous need for reform on this board," Hamilton said. "We are not in touch with the taxpayers, what they want." Hamilton said she has no intention of stopping her fight against tuition or property tax increases. She also said she did not have a copy of the resolution more than 48 hours in advance of Thursday's meeting, which she stated was a violation of open meeting laws. Hamilton's attorney, Dan Kinsella, introduced himself to board attorney Respicio Vasquez during a meeting recess Thursday, saying, "We'll be seeing each other in court."  Trustee Savage, who voted against the censure, said she wanted to see the board work together. "A foundation of trust within the board does not exist," she said. The whole meeting lasted almost five hours and the board took several recesses during the censure process, at one point drawing chants of "Shame on you!" from the crowd. Members of the public in attendance came to Hamilton's defense throughout the evening, providing more than an hour of public comment on the issue. Morton West High School history teacher Richard Skoda said he was "very saddened" by the actions of the board. Board documents indicated a trustee would be censured Thursday, but did not say whom. Skoda contended the vote would be illegal because members of the public did not get a chance to review the resolution prior to the meeting. That was also troubling to Darien resident Roger Kempa. He called the president's office and the communications office Thursday morning in an attempt to find out who was being censured and why. Both offices told him they did not know, he said. "What it has become sickens me," Kempa said of the college's decision to have a censure vote. Glen Ellyn resident Randy Given said he was surprised by the fact a censure even happened. He expected the board to be professional and work together. "We have a meeting that's lasted over four hours and you've spent most of it dealing with your bruised egos," he said.)
-- West Chicago Sister Cities to host German visit
-- College of DuPage Board votes to censure its vice chairman - Hank Beckman
(FROM THE ARTICLE: In an emotion-filled meeting that stretched until almost midnight Thursday, the College of DuPage Board of Trustees voted to censure board Vice Chairman Katherine Hamilton. Trustee Nancy Svoboda abstained and Kim Savage dissented from the vote that sparked outrage among a roomful of Hamilton’s supporters, some of whom shouted, “shame,” and “shame on you,” before and after the vote. Board Chair Erin Birt read the entire five-part resolution, most of which dealt with the controversy over a proposed new classroom building for the Glen Ellyn campus. Birt said that Hamilton’s actions in opposition to the facility were “inappropriate” and “beyond her scope as a trustee.” The resolution cited Hamilton for having “publicly embarrassed her fellow elected board members and the college administration.” But beyond mere disrespect, the resolution also charged Hamilton with not being entirely honest, saying that she had voted on March 20 to approve setting aside $33 million for the proposed facility, and had several times voted to approve draft meeting agendas containing the item without comment. The resolution further charged that Hamilton hadn’t made her opposition clear to anyone on the board before the June 26 board meeting and had even had an email exchange with President Robert Breuder in which she expressed her agreement with him over the proposed facility. Moreover, the resolution claimed that during a heated exchange at the July 17 board meeting, Hamilton had turned off her microphone and “stated to Chair Birt, ‘what goes around comes around’ and ‘I will get you,’ apparently calculated to intimidate and threaten the chair.” In response, Hamilton cited her support for district taxpayers, pointing to her votes against not only the new facility but also a tuition increase and budgets and tax levies she felt were unnecessarily high. “This censure represents the tremendous need for reform on this board,” she said after the vote. Hamilton also questioned the legality of the censure even being on the agenda, saying that she hadn’t received notice of it 48 hours before the meeting. “I will continue to fight for the taxpayer and community,” she said. “I hope going forward that we can work better as a team.” Before casting the lone dissenting vote, Savage said, “I am very troubled by the situation at hand … we must all be able to work together and the foundation of trust does not exist.” Savage also said that it was hypocritical of college officials to complain that Hamilton used the media to air her differences over the proposed facility when he believes the college itself had two years earlier negotiated teacher salaries in the press. The rest of the board voted without comment. Thursday’s meeting got off to a rocky start, with the board staying in executive session for 25 minutes past its regular starting time. Soon after convening the regular meeting, the board again called for an executive session, which they stayed in for almost an hour. Shortly after the second executive session began, Hamilton walked out of the room. “They tossed her,” Dan Kinsella, her attorney, said. “I believe it was an illegal act.”  When the meeting resumed, board members were continually interrupted and laughed at as they spoke and recess was called twice to restore order.  “You have no legal authority to censure her,” Adam Andrzelewski told the board. “I voted for Kathy,” Naperville resident Cynthia Schneider said. “I feel your censure of her is a censure of me.” Hamilton found support from other elected officials.  “I find it appalling that we can’t comment on an agenda item before you vote on it,” Downers Grove Trustee David Olson said. State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) said she was against the censure. “That’s completely inappropriate for speaking up on issues that are important to the public,” she said. “That’s what we want public officials to do.”)
-- Coalition sues over immigrants' access to lawyers - AP
OLNEY DAILY MAIL-- Rauner makes promises during Olney campaign stop  Republican gubernatorial candidate has been traveling around the southern half of the state - Kevin Ryden
-- Illinois certifies November ballot without term limits question backed by GOP candidate Rauner - Kerry Lester
-- Bruce Rauner addresses supporters about his taxes - Steve Bogira
-- College of DuPage Chairman Erin Birt Violates own policy!
(FROM THE ARTICLE: In years of attending meetings I have to say the actions of Chairman Erin Birt during the College of DuPage (COD) Board of Trustees meeting was one that reminded me of a kindergarten playground. After close to 4 hours of games that included starting 21 minutes late, illegal actions by the board by forbidding a trustee to participate in executive session, illegal censure of a board member, multiple recess breaks, and 1st amendment violations during public comment, it was clear this board chairman is out of control……..not to mention multiple Open Meetings Act violations. With so much to cover we will work on breaking each topic out as an article of its own. For starters, the very policy that this board is suppose to follow they ignored! They didn’t bat an eye to violate their own rules, as it was clear with upwards of 100 people in attendance they knew the public comment would have swayed their illegal actions. Policy #10 – Public comment is held at the beginning of the Board meeting so Trustees can hear from employees and the community before voting on Board items.  (Click here for their current policy)  That did not happen!  In fact, Chairman Birt discriminated against citizens, based on class, by selectively allowing student comment before voting on matters and forbid all others from public comment until after the illegal action they took was voted on.  Even after multiple hours of waiting, the board censored public comment by forbidding the presenter the chance to display the prepared powerpoint presentation even though such a presentation format was well established as permissible in past meetings.  More on that in a separate article. When an elected board takes measures to purposely violate their own rules in order to silence the people, it’s yet another example of how out of control our local public bodies are.  They must be held accountable and based on feedback from last night’s meeting, it is clear law suits are on the way. You can view the COD uploaded video of the entire meeting at the link below.  It is long, but well worth watching all of it as it shows the despicable behavior of Chairman Birt.  We fully intend on exposing each and every violation of the law and will do so with both case law and AG opinions to prove our point.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The vice-chairman of the College of DuPage Board of Trustees says that a July op-ed published in Illinois Review is part of the reason she was censured by four of her colleagues Thursday night during a board meeting. But the action has not intimidated CPA Katharine Hamilton (photo right). Instead, it has emboldened her to speak out even more, and has ignited an effort to work towards a majority of reform-minded people on the board, she told Illinois Review. "The Board of Trustees is accountable to taxpayers, the students and faculty," Hamilton said. "We are here to serve, and this board has forgotten that."  Hamilton didn't hold back when she recounted why she thought four of the other six board members reprimanded her. "It was retaliation and bullying because I spoke out against tuition increases, proposed tax hikes and the quality of budgeting," Hamilton said, "... Plus my op-ed published on Illinois Review.". . .A graduate of the New York University School of Business, Hamilton told IR she takes budgeting and accounting seriously. She argues that her background and commitment to transparency was why two and a half years ago she received more votes than any candidate for College of DuPage trustee had ever won previously. "My platform was accessibility to education for all, relevance to the community and accountability to stakeholders," Hamilton said. She wants to stop the abuse of taxpayer dollars, be open to the public and do what's best for the faculty and students. She said the opportunity to make those changes could happen with new board members. "I'm looking for three other qualified individuals to run for the board in eight months," she said. "Please tell anyone interested to contact me on my Facebook page or at We can reform this board and make it accountable to the voters.")
-- Homosexual Choir Director in Illinois Fired - Laurie Higgins
-- Rauner dealt double blows over Illinois ballot - AP
-- Widening Wealth Gap: Bottom 20% of Americans Worse Off Now Than in Year 2000
NEW YORK TIMES-- McDonalds, A Fast-Food Symbol of America Falls in Moscow - DAVID M. HERSZENHORN
WALL STREET JOURNAL-- Illinois Court Blocks Term Limits - Allysia Finley
-- Administration Offers Contraception Compromise for Religious Employers  Government to Take Responsibility for Covering Birth Control When Religious Businesses, Universities, Nonprofits Object - LOUISE RADNOFSKY
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Those who are anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-religious, anti-non-poor people, anti-gun-owners, anti-people-whose-ancestors-have-been-in-America-for-a-long-time, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and/or anti-American want the GOP to "modernize."

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PHOTO OF KATHY HAMILTON: College of DuPage board: Trustee embarrassed members - Safiya Merchant  (DIERSEN: According to reports, a) Hamilton only first saw the lengthy resolution to censure her when copies were distributed at the meeting, b) all of the many who spoke during the public comment periods before and after the vote, including Adam Andrzejewski and David Olsen, spoke against the resolution, and c) meeting attendees included Carol Davis, Sal Falbo, Bob Grogan, Jeanne Ives, Mark Kmiecik, Liz Martinez, Paula McGowen, Chris Robling, and Janet Shaw.  Government is nasty.  Politics is nasty.  Have your critics ever attempted to censure you?  At the start of the 2006 Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC) annual meeting in the Wheaton Bowl Banquet Hall, my critics failed in their attempt to censure me for what I do as your GOPUSA Illinois Editor.  Unlike Hamilton's critics, a) my critics did not disclose their plan to censure me or anyone else in the agenda packet for the meeting and b) my critics still have not provided me with a copy of their censure resolution.  There are many similarities in the way that Hamilton was treated by her COD critics yesterday evening, with the way my ICRC critics treated me in 2006, and the way Jim Gumm was treated by his Milton Township critics in 2001  SEE: and  Needless-to-say, due process should be given and followed before any vote to censure is taken.  SEE: Section 5 of the Milton Township Republican Central Committee B-Laws at:
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The College of DuPage board voted Thursday to censure Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton for "inappropriate conduct."  The vote was not unanimous, however. Hamilton and Trustee Kim Savage voted "no." Trustee Nancy Svoboda abstained.The resolution censuring Hamilton says she publicly embarrassed board members and college administrators and that she voices her disagreements "by making erroneous statements reflecting negatively against her fellow board members and the administration in an inflammatory, insulting, discourteous and defamatory manner." It also stated she behaved discourteously when texting during two prior board meetings and that she failed to provide her texts for public record. The resolution also says that at the July 17 board meeting she turned off her microphone and told Chairman Erin Birt, "What goes around, comes around," and "I will get you." The resolution to censure Hamilton also addressed her "misstatements" about the planned Teaching and Learning Center, a project that Hamilton has openly questioned. . .Hamilton said in an interview Thursday the resolution for censure was not included in the agenda planning meeting she recently attended. In the agenda packet posted online before the meeting, there was a page stating there would be a resolution for censure of a board trustee, but no other details were provided. Savage said although she did not agree with Hamilton's decision to air her concerns in the press, she said she understood "her frustration with the feeling that her opinions are not being listened to respectfully." Savage said that since she has been on the board, there have been efforts to intimidate board members, faculty, staff and community members who ask "inconvenient" or "unwanted" questions. Savage said the board needs to work as a team. "Our focus should and must be on ensuring that the College of DuPage provides the best value that it can in preparing a knowledgeable workforce for 21st-century careers," Savage said. There must be an underlying sense of respect and trust for other members of the team even when we do not all agree," she added. Hamilton said the censure demonstrates a need for reform on the board. "I will continue to fight for the taxpayer, for the community, for the values I believe that our community reflects and what we need to develop a workforce going forward," she said. . .DAVID S. OLSEN COMMENT: Not noted in this article - but very significant - was the large crowd who attended tonight's marathon meeting (almost 5 hours in total) - and the at least two dozen residents and taxpayers who spoke supporting Trustee Kathy Hamilton and her work to responsibly steward the taxpayer and tuition dollars at COD.)
-- Why government transparency matters - Lee Hamilton
-- Now on its own, Northwest Compass gives local help to people in crisis - Jamie Sotonoff  (DIERSEN: Of course, my critics hint/imply/argue/shout that I have never been "in crisis" because I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and because I have always been privileged.  They stress that I am White, a male, healthy, and that I avoided the draft.  The closest thing to a "crisis" that they might admit that I was in was in 1971 when 22 years old when my application for a financial hardship draft deferment had not yet been approved and I suddenly became unemployed when Firestone Stores fired me for accepting a job offer from Oldsmobile, but then, Oldsmobile withdrew its job offer saying that it had just agreed to stop hiring Whites to settle an EEOC complaint.  If I had not been unemployed, I might very well have not have accepted a job offer from IRS that I received at that time.)
CHICAGO TRIBUNE-- Rauner, Quinn tag each other as 'phony' on term limits - Rick Pearson
-- Report slams IDOT political hiring - Ray Long  (DIERSEN: The Post Office offered me a job in 1966 because it could not find a qualified Democrat who would take the job.  IRS offered me a job in 1971 because it could not find a qualified Democrat who would take the job. GAO offered me a job in 1980 because it could not find a qualified Democrat who would take the job.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Gov. Pat Quinn failed to rein in patronage abuses at the state transportation agency after replacing now-imprisoned Rod Blagojevich, and Quinn's directors repeatedly hired politically connected workers in violation of the rules, the state's top ethics investigator found. Hundreds of people were hired into a special "staff assistant" position without having to go through strict personnel procedures under rules designed to keep politics out of most state hiring, according to a confidential report by Executive Inspector General Ricardo Meza obtained by the Tribune. The rules have been in place since before Blagojevich took office in 2003, but many of those improper hirings at the Illinois Department of Transportation happened under Quinn's Democratic administration, the report said.)
-- Karen Lewis says dad seeded her populist platform - MITCH DUDEK  (DIERSEN: What do you have in common with Karen Lewis?  In 1953, my outstanding father bought a 1952 bottom-of-the-line Plymouth with almost no options.  In 1962, because "if you pulled up the floor mats, you could see the pavement," he sold it and bought a bottom-of-the-line 1961 Chevy with almost no options. My outstanding father worked in the office of a chemical plant in Chicago Heights for 28 years before died suddenly in 1969 when he was 47 and I was 21.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Sounding like a budding superhero trying to sell her origin story, possible mayoral candidate Karen Lewis delved into her formative years Thursday night before nearly 100 people who had packed into a chicken restaurant in the Little Village neighborhood. On Saturdays, her father would take her for rides in his raggedy old Plymouth, which she called the “Flintstone car.” She joked that if you pulled up the floor mats, you could see the pavement. At age 7, on one of those rides, her dad told her, “You get an education, you maintain your dignity and then you fight like hell to never let anyone take that away from you.”)
-- U of C releases first-ever hiring report - Sandra Guy
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The university employs 5,948 neighborhood residents, or one-third of its 18,800 staff workers, from nine predominantly African-American communities surrounding the Hyde Park campus. The numbers exclude faculty, but include hourly and salaried jobs such as janitors, nurses, office workers and executive staff.)
NBC5-- Can Joe Biden's Charm Help Quinn Defeat Rauner?  The White House dispatches the veep to fund-raise for the embattled Illinois governor - Erin Carlson
-- Rauner and Quinn Go to War on Outsourcing Issue  The candidates spar over moving American jobs overseas. Both are apparently guilty. - Erin Carlson  (DIERSEN: Has outsourcing directly affected you?  Because I was a federal employee for almost 30 years 1966-1969 and 1971-1997, outsourcing did not directly affect me.  However, all during the almost 18 years that I worked for GAO 1980-1997, the agency was downsizing.)
CBS2-- Rauner, Quinn Call Each Other “Phony” On Term Limits - Bernie Tafoya
-- Could online voter registration affect election outcome? - Mike Riopell
-- Anti-bullying campaign gets big boost from senator Kirk, former Bear Williams- Mick Zawislak
CRAIN'S CHICAGO BUSINESS-- Enough with the 'millionaire tax' scare tactics - David Lloyd
-- Jack Ryan's 22nd Century Media LLC suburban news business just keeps growing - Lynne Marek
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Mr. Ryan, 54, said the company is profitable, but he declined to provide numbers. He notes that it would be more profitable if he wasn't investing in additional papers. Before founding the company, Mr. Ryan was an investment banker for Goldman Sachs Group Inc. for 15 years and followed that with a failed U.S. Senate bid as a Republican in 2004 and a three-year stint as a teacher.)
-- Multitasking is a – hang on, I have to answer this text first - Joe Janes  (DIERSEN: Of course, my critics hint/imply/argue/shout that if they were the GOPUSA Illinois Editor, they could/would put GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails together and send them out in a very small fraction of the time that it takes me.)
-- Additional Rauner tax-return disclosures probably won’t reveal much - Richard Kaplan  (DIERSEN: Who has access to your tax returns?  If you work for the federal government like I did for almost 30 years, your superiors have access to your tax returns.  To the extent that they leak that information, your supervisors, your coworkers, your subordinates, and everyone else will have that information.)
-- Romney and Ryan reuniting at Chicago appearance - AP
CHAMPAIGN URBANA NEWS GAZETTE-- This time, Johnson backing Davis - Tom Kacich
-- California plans aid to immigrant minors - AP  (DIERSEN: How many more thousands, if not millions, will sent to America illegally because of this?)
ALTON DAILY NEWS-- Redfield Discusses Gubernatorial Race - Dave Dahl
-- IL AG Madigan at center of Anti-Violence scandal
-- Rauner says appeal on term limit ruling has been sent to Supreme Court
-- Governor Hopeful Rolls In - Denise Cravens
-- Pacino Sanguinetti out, Gresk and Prendiville in as Wheaton readies for 2015 council race - Nathan Lurz
-- DuPage County Board Member Liz Chaplin to challenge Ron Sandack for Illinois House seat
-- Tolerance: A Tough Business - Charlie Butts
-- Sandack Shines Light On DuPage Forest Preserve Sham
-- Bianchi Has Best Non-Election Year Crowd Yet - Cal Skinner
FREEDOM'S JOURNAL-- Who Is Speaking Out For Those Whom The Media Has Forgotten? - Armstrong Williams
-- Untapping the Wells of American - Harry R. Jackson
-- White House beds big business to screw Americans on immigration - Lt. Col. (Retired) Allen West  (DIERSEN (RETIRED) QUESTION: Would the following bring this article to your attention: the chairman of your Republican township/ward party organization, the chairman of your Republican county party organization, your representative on the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) State Central Committee, the IRP chairman, etc.?  If not, why not?)
-- California Sex Ed Gone Mad - Tony Perkins
GOPUSA-- Analyst doubts Obama has the guts to destroy ISIS - Chad Groening
-- Agency cuts jobs at center of Quinn hiring dispute - AP
MASS RESISTANCE-- Introducing kids to adult/youth “gay clubs” in communities, outside of schools. A dangerous intro to “gay sex.”
-- GAO: Pentagon Broke Law in Bergdahl Case
NEW YORK TIMES-- Poll Finds Racial Divide in Viewing Response to Ferguson Unrest - MARJORIE CONNELLY
(FROM THE ARTICLE: However, the Times/CBS News poll indicates that most black Americans continue to strongly support the president. Sixty percent of the black participants surveyed said they were satisfied with Mr. Obama’s response to the situation, and 20 percent said they were dissatisfied. In contrast, whites were closely split in their assessment of Mr. Obama’s reaction, with 35 percent positive and 39 percent displeased. As is usually the case when it comes to an assessment of Mr. Obama, whites fell along party lines: 59 percent of Democrats were satisfied and 52 percent of Republicans were dissatisfied.)
WALL STREET JOURNAL-- Rahm's Rival? - Allysia Finley
-- Russia Hits McDonald's  Authorities Expand Inspections After Closing Outlets in Moscow - OLGA RAZUMOVSKAYA
WHTM-- Corvettes at Carlisle kicks off Friday - Karissa Shatzer  (FROM THE ARTICLE: Over 5,000 Corvettes are slated to be there along with 55,000 enthusiasts.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Muscle car fans are racing to Carlisle this weekend for the world's largest Corvette show.  The annual Corvettes at Carlisle event runs from Friday, August 22 through Sunday, August 24. Over 5,000 Corvettes are slated to be there along with 55,000 enthusiasts. This year's event will feature the all-new Z06 Coupe and convertible Corvettes before they are available on the market. There will be a special 1964 50th anniversary display that includes a rare one-of-a-kind car called the CERV II, a rear engine Corvette. Multiple Corvette Hall of Famers will be at the event to sign autographs and meet fans. There will be onsite Autocross, a timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course. There will be plenty of shopping options with the Manufactures' Midway and Swap Meet, and a live Corvette engine swap. On Saturday, the Downtown Carlisle Corvette Parade will begin at 6:45 p.m. For more information and a schedule of events, visit


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