Saturday, April 04, 2009

Support of Concealed Carry

Gimbu Kali in this video discusses the possibility of concealed carry in Illinois. It's a good discussion even with the typical cliche in support of concealed carry. That is gun control makes it easier for the criminal element to have guns and victimized those who aren't armed.

What do you think? Should citizens of Illinois be allowed to carry a gun for their own self-defense?


DuPage Saint,  6:58 PM  

Anyone who gets a gun and a FOID card should have to have a minimum of $250,000 liability insurance and if the gun is stolen and not reported so the gun owner should forfeit his FOID card and go to jail

Cal Skinner 7:48 PM  

I wonder if Saint is brave enough to put a sign on his or her front lawn saying,

"No Guns Within"

DuPage Saint,  8:47 PM  

You know Cal, I always read you and appreciate your opinion, but here we differ. You are welcome to come by anytime and I will help you put the sign in my lawn. No guns here, no guns wanted. You also better re read the Supreme Court decision, it will keep lawyers busy for the next 40 years. It held the DC complete ban illegal, did not mention registration, number of guns and lots of other restrictions that I bet are coming. And, I say this as a Libertarian, I believe in small Government and minding my own business. Keep your guns it should be your choice but be brave enough to face the consequences. Bye the bye it is he not she. Buy you coffee when you come by.

Anonymous,  10:03 AM  

Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas stated that he supports a concealed carry law. So does an organization that he belongs to which is comprised of the other county sheriff's in the state of Illinois.

Only Wisconsin and Illinois do not have a concealed carry law. I am not a "Gun Nut" by a long shot. I simply have looked at the results of those states who legislated concealed carry laws and what increase or decrease in violent crimes that they experienced after the concealed carry law passed. Their results overwhelmingly supported a concealed carry law for Illinois. Now, this does not mean assault rifles, machine guns, etc. are next so don't get you shorts in a knot by my making this statement. I am against assault rifles like most people. The fact is--there is merit in a "well-thought-out" concealed carry law for Illinois. I am a pacifist but I can't argue with facts.


Heller is not the starting point of the argument on gun ownership. Neither is it the end. Just another step in a long journey. Liability insurance is a blanket over responsibility that only benefits the insurer and attorney. The responsible gun owner requires no insulation on his actions. Your assertion that he might be "liable' for damage, portrays him as suspect or unreliable. Perhaps even criminal.Why not require every convicted criminal to carry liability insurance? They are more prone to criminal activity than a law abiding gun owner. The mere act of fighting for gun rights implies the gun owners desire to act within the law. Your refusal to understand that criminals don't obey laws is the first fault in your thinking. Another fault is the belief that "assault' weapon is a category of gun. Semi-automatic rifles are not the problem. Fully automatic rifles are not the problem. Hand guns are not the problem. Criminals are the problems. Armed law abiding citizens are the only guarantee of protection society can have. Police owe no responsibility to protect the average citizen. "Gun Free" Zones are another name for "killing fields". And every time a lunatic, no matter the motive, opens fire on a crowd, you get more and more intent on having a policeman in your pocket.

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