Sunday, May 10, 2015

Last Trip To Springfield

Thanks to Gifted Ed days and some other things, I have been down to Springfield multiple times with my kids, tomorrow marks what is likely the last chance I get to do that. Going down to our state capital one last time as a chaperone for the youngests 8th grade trip.

Not sure if we are even visiting the Capital, I kind of hope we do because if nothing else I might get a chance to show some kids the Secretary of State's office one last time.  Always one of the coolest things to do when in the building IMHO and it has always been a hit with the kids.

Had the chance to see kids talk to several legislators, in particular I would have to call out John Fritchey who on previous trips was always awesome and took time to talk to either just one of my kids or with a whole group.  Same holds true for Dan Rutherford  and Christ Lauzen who was always nice, even when I wasn't on his best side as it were.

Also thinking about how 7 years ago, my daughter managed to get us into Rod's office...

So we will see how long we have in the Capital and see if the governor is in (FYI any staffer, Rich knows how to get a hold of me) and may reach out to a legislator or two.

But I just wanted to say, complain about government but when it comes down to it, most people approach it with a servant heart and agree or disagree with them, be thankful for that.


Levois 12:15 AM  

This is the first original posting here in a while. Congrats!

You seemed to have been several times I've never been once. That needs to change!

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