Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gasp! The Journal Star actually reports on Aaron Schock mini scandal

I rather doubt that some piddly little campaign donor is sophisticated enough to orchestrate donor swapping. So, this was orchestrated by someone in the Grimm campaign or the Schock campaign.  And then there is the case of Darren and Rebecca Frye of Washington, Ill. Both of them attend the same church in Edwards as Schock does. And both of them contributed maximum amounts to Schock, and then donated the maximum amount to Grimm, who represents New York. Why the Frye family is so enamored of Grimm, I do not know.
Did the Frye’s swap donations with Durand or anyone else? And if they did, was it there idea? or was it suggested by someone in some other campaign or by someone in Schock’s campaign? And if they did, were they told it was illegal?
It should be noted that no one in Schock’s campaign or Schock himself have been indicted.


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