Saturday, March 27, 2010

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"to ourselves and our posterity . . . "

Dear American, On March 21st, 219 House Democrats votes to trample the Constitution and compel you, under penalty of law, to buy government-approved health insurance. They raised your taxes and authorized 16,500 new IRS agents to compel you to comply with this bill’s mandate. They committed a naked power grab like none seen in our lifetimes.

You’ve marched and picketed. You’ve mailed letters to Congressmen. You’ve called local talk radio.You’ve fought the 21st Century’s fight for freedom, but Congress has ignored the will of the people and seized one-sixth of our economy. What we’ve done in the past won’t work any longer. It’s time to smack those socialists back to Chapter 4 of Das Kapital.

How Do You Respond?

There are dozens of organizations asking for your help to fire Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but what are they really going to do about it? The best way to fire them is with your vote. Here at Ensuring Liberty, our single focus is the ballot box.

This means working with conservative candidates nation wide to build a strong group of Representatives that will stand for you and your voice – The Ensuring Liberty Caucus.

Please Join today to help us in this historic fight for this county’s future. Together we will make a difference.

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yinn 10:21 AM  

You should have paid to post this ad.

Dave 10:23 AM  

Paid whom? You?

DuPage Saint,  9:33 PM  

Let's see, over 53% of are medical care is provided by the feds. See VA Medicare, Social Security etc.
Socialistic power grab never seen before? How about drafting young men to fight in undeclared wars see Korea, Vietnam. Congress ceded its power years ago. Get over it or start the new revolution.

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