Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rezko or Alsammare in that picture with Blagojevich and Auchi?

ABC linked to Middle East Online for a series of photos of Nadhmi Auchi with Blagojevich and Emil Jones.

ABC claims the man to Blagojevich's right is Rezko,

A Middle East Web site shows a photograph of what it described as Auchi visiting Illinois government officials in April 2004, with Rezko visible on the right of the photo.

He doesn't look like Rezko to me and instead looks like Aiham Alsammarae shown here in photo I downloaded from the NYT: Escaped Minister Says He Fled Iraqi Jail ‘the Chicago Way’

Alsammarae would have been Iraq's Minister of Electricitiy at the time of this photo in April 2004 so I'm not sure he would have been in country for this event. But it sure doesn't look like Tony Rezko in the photo as ABC is saying here.

Rich originally linked the ABC photo here.

Another Auchi Blagojevich photo op from GMH's website.

Update: Middle East Online and GMH have trashed their links to the Auchi Blagojevich Emil Jones bash so here's the pic of Auchi and Jones from the site yesterday,

Update: Nibras Kazimi also believes it's Alsammare in the top photo,
Regarding that top picture, I immediately recognized the third man as Alsamarrae.
Check the comments in his post Obama’s Saddam Connection?

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Anonymous,  9:58 AM  

I don't think it looks like either of them.

Anonymous,  3:04 PM  

It has to be one of them. They're the only two middle eastern guys with mustaches.

Anonymous,  8:53 PM  

This is all Dick Mell's fault.
This is all his fault.

Anonymous,  6:29 PM  

everyone knows Auchi went to Illinois. specifically he went to chill with his homies that sold him the visa. the picture was posted on a website owned by the man responsible for auchi's company's in-house news department. basically auchi put himself in the news. or at the very least someone close to him took his picture and posted it. stop saying that its not him.

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