Sunday, January 22, 2006

Shovel Attack Criminal Reforms - Part 2

Continuing from a previous post about needed changes in Illinois' criminal laws (Shovel Attack Criminal Reforms - Part 1"), I propose the following:

  • Stop New Car Titles for Drivers with Suspended Licenses — At the present time, according to police, the state must still issue car titles to individuals who are not legally allowed to drive. I’m sorry, but if you have a suspended or revoked license you should not be able to buy another vehicle in your name until your driver’s license is available again.

    So what do you think?

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    Anonymous,  2:13 PM  

    The cars of convicted drunk drivers should also be rigged with breathalyzers that don't let you start the car if your BAC is above the legal limit.

    Jonah 4:23 PM  

    If a law is passed prohibiting drivers with revoked licenses from purchasing cars, it should not prohibit minors from owning cars.

    Making The Wheels Turn 6:12 PM  

    Ok, taking this idea seriously, I can see some major problems that need to be addressed before anybody takes this and runs with it.

    First off, the Sec. of State's office is charged with maintaining an up-to-date database of vehicle titles. This isn't some meaningless clerical busy work, it's actually vital to law enforcement work in any number of areas.

    If you say "Well, you're busted - so, no vehicle title for you", well there's also an unintended effect of the Sec. of State's vehicle database (and btw, it's not just cars & trucks, it's motorcycles, boats, etc.) becomming less and less accurate (more out of date), and THAT does have real world consequences.

    Also, if you can't sell the vehicle in IL (because of what you are proposing), well, that's never stopped anybody, because they'll just move the vehicle elsewhere & get it titled in an adjoining state.

    Truth of the matter is that a less accurate vehicle title database will have the most effect on all the asset forfeitures occurring from arrests where the prosecutors are trying to seize the 'assets', namely vehicle(s). If they blow up the forfeiture paperwork in the indictment because the vehicle isn't titled correctly and the forfeiture indictment doesn't reflect that, well, the forfeiture runs the real risk of being invalid, and then there's a lot more clutter in the System to deal with the screwup, not to mention more potential lawsuits over illegal seizures.

    So I'd think long and hard before doing something like this.

    Anonymous,  7:20 PM  

    cars don't drink and drive people do

    Louis G. Atsaves 11:05 PM  

    So a senior citizen who can no longer drive can't own a vehicle that others can drive her around with?

    How about instead if you are caught driving a car with a suspended/revoked license, spend some serious time in jail?

    Louis G. Atsaves

    steve schnorf 7:46 PM  

    I think previous commenters hit it on the head. Many people who can't drive own cars for a variety of reasons. As Louis points out, the real answer to this problem is relatively simple: vigorously enforce current laws regarding driving while suspended or revoked.

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