Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Crumb gets more Public Crumbs - Show Bryan the Money, Arne, and Watch His Bodycount!

"I serve at the pleasure of the governor," Mr. Samuels acknowledges. "I'll do the job and, when it's time, get out of the way." Those steeley-eyed clauses dripped from the pages of one of Crain's Under 40 lists some time after Bryan Samuels helped kick dirt on a saint.

Mr. Samuels did his level best to smear a dedicated guardian of Illinois children and to dismantle the work of Father John Smyth at Maryville, in DesPlaines, Illinois.Now, Arne Duncan, Chicago CPS CEO has given this civic crumb a sinecure - well, hell, it seems that old Bryan ducked from one flame-out sinecure into a more thickly padded one - one padded with public bucks. Merry Christmas!

It sure seemed to me, in the endless news reports and Paul Meinke shill-work, that, with sanctimonious mouthings about concern for the children, Samuels effectively destroyed the one place in Illinois where children had a shepherd and a steward. Maryville and Father Smyth could not say no and the Department of Children and Family Services of Illinois exploited that option for decades until Samuels, following the lead of Jess McDonald and the lads at ACLU created a media smoke screen that allowed DCFC an open portals to 'privatization' and the death of 53 Illinois children on Bryan Samuels' watch. Couldn't get a comment from old Bryan

Now, Arne Duncan has created a sinecure for one of the real villains in Illinois political culture. Arne, when old Bryan 'gets out of the way' better duck, chump.


steve schnorf 2:45 PM  

I don't have the data to be sure, but I'm guessing that 53 deaths in 3 1/2 years is as good or better than the average of DCFS over the past 25 years.rjtumlr

Anonymous,  4:14 PM  

What a joke Arne is

Bill 5:04 PM  

Samuels is the player to be named later in the Tim Martin deal; I think that the Bd of Ed got the better of the trade.

pathickey 8:11 AM  

He must have SOME kinda Trust-Fund Progressive Chinaman - but they don't do that sort of thing - do dey?

BTW - The Medill Allan Ladd - Johnny Kass really got spanked by Fran Spielmann -again - while he was oggling the Polish secretary's ring; Frannie got the story and the OC connection to the ICE House on Clark Street - there's news and then there's Kass - waiting by the phone -or standing in the pouring rain.

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