Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Tax Onus

Republicans really ought to put a lid on Edger.

Here's quotes from him in today's SR_J on Pressure heats up for tax hike: Some feel raise is necessary to save state.

"It underscores just how bad things are financially when you have leading businessmen in the state coming out and saying we have to raise taxes," Edgar said. "It's the first time I can remember they've ever come out and said we have to do something."

"Even though they do not like the idea of a swap, the fact (the Civic Committee) said we have to increase the income tax and broaden the sales tax is an enormous step in what many of us think is the right direction," said former comptroller and gubernatorial candidate Dawn Clark Netsch. "It takes the onus off some members of the legislature." [my empahsis]

Edgar is skeptical.

"I think it gives people cover, but I'm not convinced it will be widespread enough in Springfield to get it done," [my empahsis] Edgar said. "I hope I'm wrong because I don't know how we keep going down the road we've been on."
Why should Edgar speculate? He didn't want to run again.

Illionis voters elected Blagojevich and veto-proof Senate; so please let Blagojevich, Jones, and Madigan explain expenses, revenue, and taxes.

We don't need to hear from the elder statesman or the Business crowd. It's the Democrats who told us how to save Illinois. Now they should deliver.

Hold officials responsible. Don't give them cover. That's what we've failed to do over and over again in Illinois. It's why what does get done in Illinois, is often not good.


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