Thursday, May 11, 2006

Topinka's abortion position: a loser from every angle

Topinka's supposedly center-left abortion position will score her points with no one. Appearing moderate on abortion may work for some incumbents, but it does challengers no good.

Call it a wash? No. In Topinka's battle for the middle, pro-lifers will not lift a finger to defend her, but pro-aborts will and are doing all they can to spin Topinka's "moderate" abortion position as radical right. Moderate voters will be pulled toward Blagojevich.

Case in point: Planned Parenthood Illinois Votes recently sent out an email alert saying things like:

While Topinka has spun herself as a moderate, her record on reproductive rights and her choice of anti-abortion hardliner, Joe Birkett, as running mate make it clear: Topinka's no moderate on abortion.

Judy Baar Topinka's Record While Judy Baar Topinka claimed to support reproductive choice during the primaries, her record sings a different tune. During her 13 year tenure in the legislature (1981-1994) Judy Baar Topinka voted against reproductive choice 84% of the time.

The bold emphasis was theirs.

Who will defend Topinka? Certainly not pro-lifers. Judy's positions against partial birth abortion and for parental notification only indicate she's not whacked-out barbaric, not that she expresses thoughtful "common sense" on the issue, as one on this blog has said.

And Judy certainly doesn't like to discuss the a-word. It makes her uncomfortable, as it rightfully should; bringing it up could only cause trouble. For instance, how could she answer a knowledgeable reporter's question, "Explain why you oppose second-trimester partial birth abortions but not second-trimester dilatation and evacuation abortions?"

(Perhaps one of you pro-aborts can answer that.)

Pro-aborts are invested to see Judy lose, while pro-lifers are not invested to see her win. Abortion is big business, and Blagojevich has brought a ton of money to IL's abortion industry these past few years and also vowed to keep all abortion floodgates to and in IL open. The industry returns the favor with money, workers, and a push for votes.

Bottom line: Topinka's "moderate" abortion position will lose her votes.


Anonymous,  12:15 PM  

Sometimes I don't understand pro-life sentiment regarding abortion. If there are 2 candidates both in favor of abortion, however, one of the candidates wants it restricted more than the other, isn't it the best interest of the unborn child to elect the individual who will kill the least amount of children?

If each life is sacred is it morally right to sit out an election to prove a point?

Anonymous,  12:26 PM  

The majority of the public has a Topinka-ish view of abortion: legal in early stages with parental notification. Sure, moderates on the issue aren't as vocal as those on either extreme, but if it becomes a major issue in the campaign (likely not this time), they will express themselves as such.

Anonymous,  12:37 PM  

For evidence of what I just said, look to South Dakota where a lot of people will lose their offices because they supported the restrictive abortion ban.

Jill Stanek 1:24 PM  

Merlin, 12:15p - It does sometimes come down to conservatives being forced to choose the lessor of two evils.

In this case, Topinka's position against pba is of no consequence, since there is now a federal ban (in the courts). It's an all talk, no walk, sounds good to moderates position.

Same with parental notification. This law was passed in IL several years ago and is stuck in the IL Supreme Court. There's nothing Topinka could do about it, even if she wanted to.

On pro-life issues Topinka could impact in IL, she has indicated she supports forcing pharmacists to dispense drugs against their conscience and that she also supports embryonic stem cell experimentation.

Moderation, 12:26p - Read my post. Pro-aborts have already started painting Topinka as conservative on abortion. That is all moderates will hear, because pro-lifers won't defend her, and she is avoiding discussing it herself.

Abraham Lincoln 1:54 PM  

Jill, no disrepect, but we've been over this before. JBT isn't pro-life, you think that hurts her, and you don't agree with her position.

What's new here that I'm missing?

Lairdude 2:00 PM  

Here's the question I have? What are anti-choicer's doing to prevent the need for abortions? Or, to ask it another way, what are anti-choicers doing to prevent unwanted and teen pregnancies? Or are they adopting these children that their birth parents don't seem to want or can't take care of?

Unless you are doing your part to help educate youth about how to not get pregnant, your rhetoric isn't worth a hill of beans. And I mean in a real way, not by preaching abstinence only because it is shown not to work. Do you support comprehensive sex education in the schools? Do you believe that birth control, of whatever variety you prefer, should be readily available.

It is all well and good to be anti-choice, but unless you are part of the solution to a lesser demand for abortions, all you are doing is tossing out empty rhetoric.

Yellow Dog Democrat 2:35 PM  

Jill -

I agree with your political analysis. In a state where the majority of voters consider themselves pro-choice, Topinka would be better off if she were pro-choice too.

The rest of your rhetoric is really disingenuous and, frankly, pathetic. Planned Parenthood is the leading advocate for preventing abortions in Illinois and the country, by leading the way to preventing unintended pregnancies. If they could make birth control universally available and 100% effective and convince everyone who chooses to have sex to use birth control unless they are planning to get pregnant, they would. So this whole notion that Planned Parenthood is performing abortions to make money is absurd.

Anonymous,  2:48 PM  

Planned Parenthood was found by racists and eugenicists.
They lie continously and hurt minority communities.

Knightridge Overlook 3:00 PM  

I know it's only tangentially related, but the current Governor and the State Board of Elections had better learn to work together a little better...

Anonymous,  3:02 PM  

I agree with Lairdude. As long as Roe v Wade is on the books, there's little pro-Lifers can do. Why not make more efforts to prevent abortions?

Anonymous,  4:21 PM  

Abraham Lincoln:

You are correct, but accept the fact that this is the way the far Right bashes. Not once, not twice, but again and again and again with the same material, like a broken record.

Jill won't change any minds with this piece, and never intended to do so. It's all just Topinka-bashing by the sore losers from the primary.

Anonymous,  4:23 PM  

Margaret Sanger-

Christians throughout history have oppressed, tortured, murdered, etc. to spread their religion.

Should that taint the present day 'pro-life' message of those basing it in their Christian faith?

Anonymous,  5:54 PM  

Jill, you're the loser. Not Topinka. Topinka views on abortion matches the vast majority of Illinois citizens. Go get a life, will ya?

So-Called Austin Mayor 9:26 PM  

"Planned Parenthood was found by racists and eugenicists."

And the United States was founded by racists and slave owners... but it still beats most of the alternatives.

Jill Stanek 5:43 AM  

Abe, 1:54p - My two blog entries yesterday were linked in thought. I previously presented my theory that Topinka's "moderate" abortion position would end up harming her. Yesterday I posted corroboration on both the national and local levels:

1) Nationally, there is conservative malaise and even malice toward a GOP leadership that is straying off-message. How much more should the ILGOP anticipate the same?

2) Locally, Planned Parenthood is fighting Topinka's run for guv with soundbites and spin that will push uncompassed and uneducated moderates (which most moderates are) toward Blagojevich.

Jill Stanek 5:51 AM  

YDD, 2:35p - Work backwards.

Fact: Planned Parenthood is the United States' largest abortion provider. PP makes scads of money from abortion.

Fact/example of how PP makes money from contraception: PP cut a dealer with Barr, the maker of Plan B, to purchase it for $4.50-$5 and is now reselling it for $25-$30, PLUS a doctor's paperwork fee for the same amount. Emails detailing the deal were released in a court case. I have the emails. PP doesn't deny it.

If you can't see how PP makes money from promoting sex (government funded sex ed), then makes money from selling contraception, then makes money from selling abortions if/when contraception fails, and then makes money off of selling contraception all over again, you're willfully blind.

Lairdude 9:37 AM  


No response to my comment above?

Pro-choice does not equal pro abortion. I would rather there be no abortion because there is no more demand.

If you don't have a solution you are just full of hot air and are intellectually dishonest. But that wouldn't shock me looking at the national Republican party and the whole host of soon to be indicted conservatives.

cermak_rd 11:02 AM  


You said:

2) Locally, Planned Parenthood is fighting Topinka's run for guv with soundbites and spin that will push uncompassed and uneducated moderates(which most moderates are) toward Blagojevich.

I don't see where you get this idea that your opinion is better, more "informed" or more "educated" than those lowly moderates you mentioned. Maybe they just disagree with you.

As far as Emergency Contraception distribution goes, and embryo research, I think most polls show that IL citizens are solidly behind the gov on these issues. The more the pro-life movement mentions contraception (of any kind, emergency or otherwise) the worse it does. People can be moved by the abortion of a fetus that looks like a baby with a heart and brain, abortion stops a beating heart is a good slogan that makes it point. However, going to the earlier stages it doesn't work. When Emergency Contraception works it works by 1. inhibiting ovulation which is not abortion in any sense of the word and 2. by thinning the walls of the uterus so that nothing can implant there. At the point of implantation, there is no beating heart, no brain, no organs of any kind; and that is the same thing that can be said for embryos used for research.

Anonymous,  12:01 PM  

The fact that one can make an analysis saying Judy's abortion position is wrong is exactly why I will vote for her: she's not taking the political positions that according to polling or consultants will cynically get her the most votes (like Rod). She's taking positions that she actually believes in. She is genuine and after Rod, that is enough to get my vote

Jill Stanek 12:54 PM  

Lairdude, 9:37a - Sorry I didn't respond to your 2p post. It was such a yawning stale crock I forgot about it as soon as I scanned it.

The only organizations disparaging abstinence training are those making money either directly or indirectly from contraceptive and abortion sales. Get real.

And by your questions it is clear you are under the illusion that abortion is a solution to social ills. Funny thing is, every social problem we faced the day abortion became legal is far worse today.

Lairdude 1:47 PM  

You still haven't answered the question.

What are you doing besides flacking your single issue? How have you helped? Besides your apparently empty rhetoric.

I was emailed by someone I consider an honest conservative and told the way they walk the walk. Are you all flash and no substance?

If you talk the talk, walk the walk.

And you are the one accusing my comment of inducing a yawn. Your intellectual dishonesty wears me out.

Anonymous,  11:39 AM  

Jill --

The Topinka position on abortion while regretable can not be the deciding factor in casting your vote in November. If you can not differentiate between Judy B and Blago on this issue, there are many other issues. Sitting on your hands is a vote for the incumbent.

IMHO Roe was an arrogation to the federal level of what needed to be decided by the state, one by one. Some may vote pro life, some might vote pro choice. In fact I would like to have seen the States delegate to the Counties and in Illinois, home rule communities.

You can not legislate social mores.

Anonymous,  10:14 PM  

Wistful Vista -
You state as fact, "You can not legislate social mores." Hhmmm. I suggest your statement could not be more incorrect. In fact, ALL social/civil law legislates (i.e. discriminates) social behavior. Laws serve to encourage behavior that is "good" and discourage behavior that is "bad", or destructive. Take speed laws, as an example. They are established to protect life and provide safety (moral right to life). Breaking the law leads to fines and even driving privledge revocation. Thus, speed laws "discriminate" against speedy drivers. Speed laws serve to promote one type of behavior over another. Speed laws would serve no purpose if society placed no value on life. Further, the very statement that "you cannot legislate social mores" is a moral judgement in and of itself. I guess you would need to pass a law to outlaw making moral judgements. Quite a dilemma?

Anonymous,  10:31 AM  

I don't care about abortion. I don't care about the issue at all. I want a good governor to replace the embarrassment we've been witnessing since 2003.

This election is about corruption and how the guy we elected refuses to follow through with the promises he made to us, and we've discovered he is as corrupt as the last one we threw out.

Abortion? Like anyone cares, but you. You sound so 1970s.

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