Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gov Walker on FPC Duluth

Dan Walker's advice to Ryan on avoiding FPC Duluth,

Aside from being farther away, Walker says the Duluth prison has other downsides. He has described his nearly 18 months there as demeaning and miserable.

He told the Chicago Sun-Times that the Oxford prison is supposed to be more relaxed and that its guards less cruel.
No kidding, Walker writes in his book of cowering while guards allow inmates to gang rape Walker's cellmate.

Senator Durbin: ask the BOP if Walker was truthful on FPC Duluth? And if so, what's been done?

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Skeeter 1:42 PM  

Why would Sen. Durbin spend time on allegations of misconduct that occurred twenty year ago?

Bill Baar 1:50 PM  

Because Walker made them recently with this book.

If rape has gone on uninvestigated at a Federal Prison for 20 years, it deserves attention.

Skeeter 2:30 PM  

Any reasonable person would ask why he kept silent for 20 years.

Any reasonable person would conclude that maybe he wants to sell books.

Maybe that explains why Baar thinks it is a real issue.

Bill Baar 2:40 PM  

The reasonable guy called public affairs FPC Duluth for their take on Walker's allegation.

No response yet.

If one not forthcoming, a reasonable letter will go to them through Durbin's office.

Skeeter 2:57 PM  

Good plan.

Investigating 20 year old stories cooked up by book-selling convicts is a fine use of our Senate's time.

By the way -- since you are inclined to believe the convict's story, you should e-mail me. I know your great love for Chicago, and I happen to be selling a bridge. A good one. I could get you a deal. You and I should talk. You look like my sort of buyer.

Anonymous,  11:44 AM  

Remaining quite is in itself a crime. Having Durbin doing something useful might be nice. Not to be a bleeding heart, I do believe once convicted you are to do your time not do someone else. Also, if you did your "debt to society" that should be it, otherwise why release anyone?

Anonymous,  8:14 AM  
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