Friday, January 06, 2006

Reform minded?

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If Jim Oberweis is running as the candidate who'll reform the way things are done in Springfield, why then did he hire a high level George Ryan staffer as his Deputy Campaign manager?

If you visit the Oberweis campaign website, you'll note that Brad Roseberry is listed as the Deputy Campaign Manager.

Yes, this is the same individual whose named appeared in the Chicago Tribune this past Tuesday regarding the current George Ryan corruption trial.

Also testifying today was Brad Roseberry, a former Ryan political operative and supervisor in the Secretary of State's office.

Testifying under immunity from prosecution, Roseberry told jurors that he routinely did political work on state time.

He also testified that after Ryan was re-elected secretary of state in 1994, he compiled a list of state employees who had worked on the campaign in anticipation they would receive raises and promotions for helping Ryan.

Roseberry himself received a 20-percent raise after the election and was promoted to a position that did not exist before the election, he said.

Mr. Oberweis, how do you explain this?


Anonymous,  8:38 PM  

Perhaps he was a government plant all along?

Or maybe just another poor schmuck who was sucked into Ryans web and either did as he was told, or lost his job?

Instead of clamming up, or having memory failure, he has stepped up to testify -- that behavior should be applauded.

Anonymous,  9:52 PM  

osebury worked for Oby in the last election too! He was out of work w/ a wife and family. Seems to me it is a good thing!

John Ruberry 12:16 AM  

Brian Rosebery is not related to me.

Anonymous,  8:59 AM  

Why even ask? Judy's gonna win the primary anyway with at least 45% of the vote, so people looking for corruption should just focus on Judy and Blago (I admit, finding corruption in the records of those two will be hard, but I think if you dedicate yourselves, you can do it.)

Anonymous,  9:02 AM  

Anon 9:52...thanks for showing you know nothing about politics.

Anon 8:59...45%???? Keep dreaming.

Anonymous,  11:33 AM  

Topinka 45%
Oberweis 25%
Brady 15%
Gidwitz 15%

I am willing to bet $15,000 that I am no more than 5 percent off on any of those.

Anonymous,  1:08 PM  

Wow - I thought only illegal immigrants were the problem.

Anonymous,  1:19 PM  

The question Abe, is whether or not Topinka is paying you to blog for her? Be honest.

You only write articles that slam the Obie or Blago. Not to hard to connect the dots...

Anonymous,  2:10 PM  

Oberweis 34%
Topinka 32%
Brady 15%
Gidwitz 8%
others -1%

Abraham Lincoln 5:58 PM  

Nice try 1:19...but try reconnecting those dots.

Anonymous,  6:26 PM  

Oberweiss is not about good government, he was/this close to Denny Hastert who wanted to get rid of Sen Patrick Fitzgerald AND US Attorney Peter Fitzgerald and their going after the combine.

Oberweiss met with, complimented and worked with George Ryan and his people.

Oberweiss has been an insider until they didn't want him to be Senator, very/close to Hastert/DeLay and never supported of Fitzgerald or reform and NEVER anti George Ryan.

Oberweiss just wants to get rid of those Meskins, except those that work for him.

If Oberweiss is the nominee, even the corrupt Blagojevich wins.
Brady and Topinka can beat Blagojevich.

Anonymous,  10:02 PM  

Before you talk about a man, try learning how to spell his name. Facts work best Anon 6:26, how about providing some?

"Otherweiss" it's just blowing off some steam likely from an office in Chicago with a Treasurer Topinka sign out front. You know Brady isn't going to win, so you just throw his name in with Topinka and try to get some of the moderates as well.

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