Friday, February 17, 2006

When you get to know Jim Oberweis...

This morning while watching the news I saw the new Jim Oberweis ad. It was a positive spot, but the quality was poor and Oberweis looked uncomfortable, especially in the family setting.

However, what really caught my attention was the closing tag line: "When you get to know Jim Oberweis, you know he's right for Illinois."

Ok, now this is almost too good to ask for, so let's all have some fun.

Finish this sentence:

"When you get to know Jim Oberweis, you....."


UPDATE: Rich has informed me that whoever posts the best line here will get dinner with him and whoever wins the Eisendrath contest. Keep them coming!

UPDATE 2: Comments will be closed Monday at noon. We'll announce the winner then. Keep them coming, they're great so far!

UPDATE 3: We have a winner. Congrats to Oneman...Rich will be contacting you.


Randall Sherman 8:50 AM  

"...still buy Dean's milk."

Anonymous,  9:14 AM what chair you sit down in.

Anonymous,  9:15 AM  

"...better have your green card handy."

So-Called Austin Mayor 9:19 AM  

"realize your drunken bum of a brother-in-law isn't so bad after all."

Lovie's Leather,  9:46 AM  

"obviously didn't have anything else to do."

Anonymous,  11:10 AM  

you realize that you are God Almighty!

ArchPundit 11:28 AM  

you understand the need for a bulletproof umbrella.

Anonymous,  11:48 AM  

will thank God for the Bill of Rights.

OneMan 12:18 PM  

try to remember what he is running for this time.

47th Ward,  12:41 PM  

...realize how badly this man needs a new hobby.

Anonymous,  1:19 PM  

get to know a living milk dud.

Anonymous,  1:41 PM  

know that there are worse things than having hemorrhoids.

Jeff,  2:13 PM  

... You know he's not as liberal as JBT.

Skeeter 2:39 PM  

"completely understand why the ILGOP is in total chaos."

If only we could have recruited Keyes to run for Lt. Gov. That would have been a ticket!

Illinois Shadow 3:27 PM  

Keep the music, but please replace the voice with the following:

"We all love Dad. But ever since the accident, we knew it was time for him to live in a secure envoirnment...with his peers. He is so happy now. With shop class, and his ability to work in the kitchen...every day is a gift. Plus, we get to visit him--in fact, we bring the whole family. He liked his old job, but he is much happier with his new life; A new life made possible by Westwood Assisted Living. Thank you Westwood for giving us our Pappy back."

Stockdale 3:40 PM  

the obvious tag with the minimal change is ...", you know his is too far right for Illinois."

Stockdale 3:41 PM  

or, in respect to the upcoming Academy Awards, see BrokeBack Mountain, "When you get to know Jim Oberweis, you will want to blow Jim Oberweis."

Yellow Dog Democrat 5:10 PM  

...should meet his arch-nemesis, Bizarroweis, who loves George Ryan, supports abortion rights, and sponsors an illegal immigrant jobs program.

Jeff,  5:28 PM  

know Bizarroweis is JBT in disguise!

Tony Soprano,  6:15 PM  

"would rather watch the Cubs in September...."

Anonymous,  6:19 PM  

...he's to the "right" of everything in site "right" back into the 1950's !

Rich O. 7:20 PM start screening your calls more. No Jim, I don't want to go to your latest campaign announcement. No, I don't want to "just hang out and watch a game." Seriously dude, I was joking about the whole "you should run for governor thing." Take a hint man!

Anonymous,  8:04 PM  

realize he's a lamb in wolves clothing.

Anonymous,  8:05 PM  

see what a f***ing HOTTIE he is! I'd like to get me a piece of that!

NumbersGuy 8:34 PM  

"..rethink declining the Veep's quail hunting invite for next Sunday"

chiefkay 12:18 AM  

know he has NOTHING to do with his ice cream!

Anonymous,  1:18 PM  

"you get to know evil itself."

Larry Horse 2:42 PM  

will shoot milk out of your nose.

Anonymous,  3:19 PM  

feel trapped in Pleasantville.

Anonymous,  8:50 PM  

find out he puts Viagra in the milk.

Andy Vodka,  11:40 AM  

... you wonder if he has the ability to delete comments off this page!!!

Anonymous,  12:14 PM  

And the winner is...

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