Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oberweis & Immigration, Part II

Jim Oberweis is back in the news on the issue of immigration. Today, he criticized Gov. Blagojevich's new proposal (can we just start calling them PR stunts please?) that would allow Illinois to provide state-guaranteed mortgages to people without traditional credit histories.

According to Don Babwin of the Associated Press:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Oberweis, who was widely criticized for his tough stand on illegal immigration when he ran for the U.S. Senate last year, suggested Monday he was ahead of the curve on the issue and voters now might agree with him.

"I was too early. People weren't ready for that issue," he said after a news conference in which he criticized Gov. Rod Blagojevich's plan to launch a new mortgage loan program designed to help poor and immigrant families buy homes. "But it's a serious issue. People are starting to understand how serious it is."

On Sunday, Blagojevich's office outlined his proposed Opportunity I-Loan program that would allow Illinois to provide state-guaranteed mortgages to people without traditional credit histories.

But Oberweis characterized the program as little more than an effort to assist illegal immigrants. "Break our laws and we'll reward you with a home. That's the message Rod Blagojevich is sending out," he said.

Will going back to the issue of immigration, which sunk Oberweis’ campaign for Senate in 2004, be a wise move in his race for governor?


The Colonel,  10:16 PM  

It's a serious issue with horrific implications if not addressed.

This country has had nearly 45 years of treason by Republican and Democratic Presidents and Congress not protecting our borders, and enforcing immigration laws.

Todays Democrats and RINO's pander to it, and the people themselves are beginning to demand that something be done.

Anonymous,  7:02 AM  

Sorry but this governor is out of step with the people.Condoning and encouraging illiegal immigration is o. k. with him and his people as long as it gets headlines and votes.I really believe the way he wants the state to do everything for the people and all wealth to be shared that he harbors a secret wish for communism.

Skeeter,  10:10 AM  

Colonel really believes that not enforcing immigration laws is treason? Wound a bit tight, isn't he?

Where does he get this idea that there is any connection whatsoever between Mexicans crossing the border to work and Islamic extremists crossing the border to blow things up?

In fact, there is no connection and in fact, the President's temporary worker plan helps American security. Should we devote the hours of American border patrols to catching people who want to go to Nebraska to work in meat-packing plants, or should we devote their hours to stopping bad guys?

Skeeter,  10:14 AM  

Anon 7:02.
I think you may be on to something. An Illinois gov. taking action in order to try and get votes?

There have been some tough criticisms of Gov. Blago here, but you really hit the hardest, but I think you may be right.

What sort of system are we living in when an elected official would PANDER to the voters just to get votes? I agree with you, Anon. It is a shame! Damn Communist working hard to get re-elected! HOW DARE HE DO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT! It is an outrage!

Extreme Wisdom 10:22 AM  

Coming in Second in a field of 8 is "sunk?"

Frankly, I'm far less agitated about immigration than most conservatives, and I think harping on immigration is a poor way to get elected governor, but you can't say that ads "sunk" his campaign in 2004.

None of that field was going to beat Jack Ryan without "outing" his divorce, and none of them wanted to go that far. (Hindsight says one of them should have.)

Absent Ryan, Oberweis probably beats Rauschenberger in 2004, ad and all.

Skeeter is correct about the President's Plan, though politics will force Bush to accept a large enough fine to blunt the "amnesty" charge.

Extreme Wisdom 10:29 AM  

Maybe I see too much Strategery here, but it seems Blago is doing all he can to have Oberweis be his opponent.

This may be good politics - similar to Gray Davis running ads to get Simon over Reardon in CA.

On the other hand, the Democrats were salivating over running against Reagan over Bush in 1980, and that worked out very well for them. Didn't it?

Regardless, I hope Blago has some tricks up his sleeve to run down Topinka during the primaries.

Whatever her chances are against Blago, her name at the top of ticket will destroy the Rep. Party turnout for down ticket and legislative races.

Anonymous,  1:02 PM  

Skeeter are you one of Blago's campaign people that keep showing up on these blog sites.If not look at his poll numbers he has almost single handed put this state in more debt than we can get out of in 20 years and the people still don't like him.

Skeeter,  1:09 PM  

Annon 1:02.
Not only have I not worked for Gov. Blago, I barely voted for him.

That being said:
Is deficit spending a problem? Do you believe that it is the job of a responsible gov. to balance the budget?

I am interested in your wit and intelligence on this issue and look forward to your response.

Anonymous,  1:14 PM  

Did any one think that the BANKs would be very grateful to the Governor because now their money is guaranteed by the state.

Maybe thats how he raised $14 million for his war chest!

Anonymous,  1:16 PM  

Skeeter this bunch does not know what the words balanced budget mean.They know free programs get votes.

Skeeter,  1:32 PM  

Nice, but you really did not answer my question.
Are balanced budgets important? Is deficit spending a problem?
Tell us your views on this interesting issue.

On a related note, it is bad for an elected official to do what the people want?

Anonymous,  2:28 PM  

Hey Skeeter here you say one thing on Capitolfax you say another now which is it.

The Colonel,  4:47 PM  

Skeeter... is that you hill country name, or the size of your brain?

Who said anything about terrorism?

The corporate 'fat cats' guys like you like to rail against LOVE illegals -- they work real cheap, and keep unemployed Americans from having to be hired at a higher wage.

Your damn right it's treason.

Skeeter,  5:17 PM  

You said:
"Who said anything about terrorism"?

In response: Are you really claiming there is more of a threat to America from a poor guy who wants to work in a meat packing plant in Nebraska than an Islamic extremist who wants to come here to blow things up?

Isn't it reasonable to think that the focus of border security should be to stop people who want to sneak into this country to kill Americans?

I sure hope you are a retired Colonel. I do not want to depend on people like you for my safety.

Very witty comment about my name though. Did you spend all day thinking that one up? Man, you really hit home! I'm hurt! Nice work!

Incidently, I believe you meant to say "you're." That may explain your problem. The illegal aliens speak English better than you speak English.

Incidently, I love the contrast here. Some anonymous nitwit has said that I am a Commie, and Colonel has accused me of being a corporate fat cat. You numbskulls should get your accusations straight. Commie who wants to take over society from the corporate fat cats, or corporate fat cat who wants to exploit labor. Which is it?

Skeeter,  5:33 PM  

"Skeeter... is that you hill country name, or the size of your brain?"

Since when did a "Skeeter" become a unit of measure?

"Wow, I can barely lift this. It weighs a Skeeter." Is that how people speak in your country, Colonel?

The Colonel,  5:39 PM  

Although I hate to banty with nincompoops -- YOU better check your grammar ( and I don't mean your momma's mamma ) YOUR is possessive, YOU'RE is "you are."


Anonymous,  5:55 PM  

Whoa! Lets not put the cart before the horse here. GRod more than likely will have a serious opponent in Edwin Eisendrath who I believe will announce this weekend. So before GRod can face anybody he has to win the primary and with all the rank and file union members in lock step against him he has to fight that battle first. Furthermore, as a democrat, I think Oberweis is right on the illegal immigration issue and so do many other people nationwide. I won't be casting my vote in the republican primary but I still think the dems are wrong on the immigration issue. Funny thing is even though I am conservative I have several liberal democratic friends in the Chicago area who share my thoughts on immigration. Americans are paying more attention to this issue than the media is reporting.

Anonymous,  7:07 PM  

Eise is going to be the man and all the Blago people like Skeeter are going to have to whistle a few bars of 'Eise Eise your the best'.Eisendrath is going to turn this party around and get us in Springfield for 8 more years.I mean in SPRINGFIELD.

Anonymous,  7:15 PM  

Hey Colonel I think Ole Skeeter is one of them campaign workers from Blago's side that Rich Miller ran off from Capitalfax.So I wouldn't put to much into what he says.

The Colonel,  7:26 PM  

I'm done with gnats like that.

President Nixon 9:10 PM  

If Jim is going back to this issue, he may make inroads in the primary, but Rod can start the Blagojevich for President campaign next year after being sworn in for another term as governor.

Anonymous,  10:35 PM  

President Nixon, until Obama came along and shot Blago out of the presidential saddle I might agree with you. Or what about Hillary? Eisendrath is really close to Bill and Hillary. Do you think Bill & Hillary want Blago and all his scandals to deal with in a presidential race? Blago is so far out of the running for president it is not even funny. A dose of reality is just around the corner for Blago folks. At a minimum Eisendrath forces Blago and his snooty crew to come around with their collective hats in their hands and beg for support. It will be fun watching!

Anonymous,  10:37 PM  

I won't go to this disphit's ice cream stores even if Anna Devlantes wanted me to take her there. I sure as hell would never vote for a rich, phony racist like Uberveis.

Anonymous,  11:06 PM  

anonymous 10:37-

I agree, besides ice cream is not healthy for you especially if it is made with whole milk!

Skeeter,  8:48 AM  

Great. Now the one Colonel is arguing with another:

The Colonel said...
Although I hate to banty with nincompoops -- YOU better check your grammar ( and I don't mean your momma's mamma ) YOUR is possessive, YOU'RE is "you are."


The Colonel said...
"Skeeter... is that you hill country name, or the size of your brain?

* * *
Your damn right it's treason."

Truthful James,  9:56 AM  

The government should spend its enforcement money at the point of employment. That will pick up the illegals and spot the gray market members who work for cash.

Probably that will pick up as well those folk are working full time for cash and receiving welfare. And the cash they get is tied to the minimum wage.

All the employer has to do is under report sales by lowering his mark up,

That distorts the economy

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